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Lakeland Teen Gang Attack Update

Posted by shadmia on April 15, 2008

8 Teenagers have been arrested and charged as adults in the brutal, animalistic beating of Victoria “Tori” Lindsay. See some of the court proceedings here. They have now all been released on bail ranging between $30,000 and $37,000 and placed under house arrest.

The parents of Victoria Lindsay, Talisa and Patrick Lindsay, speak out about the beating of their daughter:

One of the girls, Mercades Nichols, who is accused of being the ringleader of the group assault was bailed out of jail by people associated with Dr. Phil.

This was obviously an attempt by the show to have exclusive rights to the Mercades Nichols’ story and have her on the show as a guest. After receiving a lot of negative feedback they decided to cancel those plans. In an attempt at damage control Dr. Phil issued the following statement:

“We have helped guests and potential guests in the past when they need financial assistance to come on the show – assisting with clothing allowance, lost wages, accommodations, travel and necessities. In this case, certain staff members went beyond our guidelines (re: the bail being paid). These staff members have been spoken to and our policies reiterated. In addition, we have decided not to go forward with the story as our guidelines have been compromised.”

A Polk County judge, J. Michael McCarthy, issued a gag order in the case after parents of some of the teens and Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd appeared on national TV shows discussing the case this week.

In the meantime Victoria Lindsay is recovering slowly from the injuries she sustained in the vicious beating at her friend’s house. She suffered a concussion and, even though more than a week has passed since the attack, has not fully regained her hearing and vision on her left side. However, as the swelling subsides, doctors hope those will return. According to her parents, Victoria will not return to Mulberry High school.

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25 Responses to “Lakeland Teen Gang Attack Update”

  1. Larry L said

    un f%*king believable, they sound like a new bread of side walk commandos.

  2. E said

    thanks for the update. i hope you post more when you hear something new once more. Thanks for sharing!

  3. shadmia said

    E, I will keep my eyes opened for any further developments in this case.

  4. Crystal said

    Those boys weren’t involved, they have no evidence at all showing that they were.. All 6 girls have said that those boys knew nothing about it. Grady Judd released the video on national television BEFORE they talked to a SINGLE witness, actually they didn’t speak to ANY witnesses until 9 days later. Yeah there were neighbors around who heard the noise, and those neighbors seen Zach, and Steven at Zachs house. (which was next door!!) So What I want to know is why Grady Judd released this video, and pretty much stated that everyone was guilty before he even had facts!!! And if you people have not seen a fight before where the hell have you been living? It’s a fight- now there are people making death threats OVER A FIGHT! Where the hell is the logic in that???? How can anyone justify that? Some people need to GET A LIFE!!

  5. Corey said

    And Crystal, you need to be the first one. If you actually think this is okay then I hope you enjoy warm weather, because you will spending eternity in hell. This is not just a fight, they planned every bit of this out and then went through with it. If she would have permanent brain damage or even died from this, would it still be okay with you since it is JUST a fight?!? What you have probably seen is just one of the videos. There are others, before you go have a hot flash getting all worked up thinking you the almighty being. The Lord will deal with those that need to be dealt with. Remember if they are innocent, that is what they pay lawyers for. I mean it worked for O.J.

  6. Crystal said

    I KNOW that zach and Steven are innocent. And I have the lord on my side. Trust me I am not worried about that at all. I am worried about the innocent BOYS whose lives will be ruined… I don’t think that fight was right in ANY WAY- but I do know that the boys weren’t involved– the girls of course need to be punished— but those boys were not there!!! I KNOW that!!

  7. Kristine Lawless said

    Those “girls” think thier so tough — let’s see how the fair in prison! All this talk about they had a right to beat Victoria becasue she talked “shit” about them –Well maybe they should have consulted the law before they commited a felony! Lock them up and throw away the key!

  8. Christine said

    I really hope that in the end of all this these girls really suffer to the point or realization. Some people may argue that certain punishments may be too harsh or what not but, what is gonna take for them to gain a sense of reality. All that myspace bullcrap makes people live in this crazy cyber world where everyone knows each others nasty laundry, step out the box and realize there is a huge world outside the internet… why sit in front of a screen and indulge in the world’s biggest high school reunion? Let these girls see that life is bigger that friends, fighting, and most of all high school! Its about establishing yourself in this big crazy world and living in the success that you have made your own.

  9. Sydney said

    I’m sorry but those boys involved should get an equal punshment as the girls. they allowed her to get beatin and never tried to stop the girls.They were NOT witness to the crime!THEY WERE PART OF IT!

  10. Bryan said

    Everyone one of them should go to jail for their equal partcipation into this crime. It should be noted that we’ve only seen a snapshot of that video, and the “lookouts” are as equally guity and liable. Speaking of which, I’d love to find out if the parents of the beaten girl are going to sue the pants off the parents for all of the mounting medical bills, pain & suffering, legal bills, etc. I’m sure they’ll have to sell their doublewides to a single.

  11. Crystal said

    The boys weren’t lookouts!! They were not at that house when it happened! That will be proven very soon!!

  12. Bryan said

    Regardless if they were physically at the house, next door, or across the street, they were there and they knew what was going down, that makes them at a minimum conspirators to the crime. Which under the law makes them responsible even if they didn’t lay a hand on her. So your “innocent” boys are guilty, pain and simple, unless they strike a deal with the D.A. they’re going to jail.

  13. Bryan said

    You know, you have to get the poor white trash, Nichols, some credit. She or her Atty has finally gotten smart that there’s money to be made, after beating the crap outta that girl. First, Dr. Phil and who knows now.

    Just kinda funny, how she’s the one coming out and saying she wants to speak publicly (for a small appearance fee) and apologize?? Hello? Are you accepting responsbility? Heck, forget the trial lets go to the punishment phase and get this over with.

    Read between the lines, here people.

    1)Deleting the house arrest conditions,
    2)Deleting restrictions on talking publicly about the case,
    3)Allowing her to travel under parental and legal supervision out of state to give interviews relating to the case,
    4)Allowing her to get a job.

    This is call “Talk Show Circuit” If she needed Dr. Phil to bail her out of jail. She’s gonna need a major book deal to pay for these mounting attorneys fees. Hope her and her family goes even more penniless, due to her actions.

  14. Mav said

    Crystal, you are an idiot. I’m serious, you are a very big fool. “It’s just a fight.” 6 people beat the crap out of her. That lord that you serve needs a reality check. Jesus, you have the nerve to say that your lord is on your side. How the hell would you feel if 6 people beat the hell out of you at your own friends house? Were you there? How the hell do you know the boys aren’t involved? I wasn’t there, but for those guys to be there and do nothing, they need some sort of punishment. Why the hell do you think the world is so messed up? It’s because people like this exist. They had the power to stop it and they didn’t. If those girls were my kids, I will beat the hell out of them. I will beat them, and disown them.

  15. DAWG said


  16. Didacticus said

    The charges were dropped against the boys and Cara. From the start, law enforcement lied. Anyone who actually examined the released evidence knew this.

    People encouraging violence against these kids should be ashamed, you can get them severely or permanently injured. You’re no better than Cara Murphy who failed to stop the beating, in fact you’re worse, you’re like the camera girl (NOT Cara Murphy) who cheered the beating.

    Trying 14 and 15 year-old girls “as adults” for *misdemeanor* battery is simply child abuse and the reasons are purely political, the sheriff is running for re-election in the fall.

    There are still many more lies and a lot of misinformation about this case out there. The girls do deserve a fair punishment for their misdemeanor battery, but they do not deserve a deluge of death threats, massive encouragement of violence against them on the Internet (conveniently ignored by the media and bloggers), biased judicial system (the bail amounts were ludicrously high if you know *anything* about Florida bail amounts in similar cases), and being shut silent by the judge while law enforcement saturates the media with lies about them.

    Those girls went way too far trying to get back for whatever wrong, real or imagined, the victim did to them. Now powerful people are going way too far in exploiting this for their own gain. It’s poetic justice but it is NOT justice. And the difference is those people are adults and they are trying to outright destroy the children’s lives. And the entire world cheers. Hypocracy is alive ad well.

  17. shadmia said

    See the latest update to this story here on my blog at:

  18. Bryan said

    I have no pity for any of them, they knew the differences between right and wrong and they made there choice. Insuffucient evidence my ass, They needed some of these kids to walk in order to build there cases against the others. This was the city doing a deal. They agreed to drop the charges as to not have anything on their permanent records and in six months their records will be expunged and in exchange these boys and girls will be on the witness stand singing like a canary.

    There is a BIG difference in being aquitted and having charges dismissed. In fact if the SAO decides to, they have 3 years from the time of the arrest to recharge them. I doubt they will but……

  19. Didacticus said

    There was no deal — they simply should NEVER have been charged and prosecution de facto admitted this is the case. People were fooled by lies from law enforcement. And now some people will rather lie themselves than admit they were fooled — few things are more embarrasing than being shown to be a fool.

    And for all we know, the teena may become witnesses for the defense.

  20. Death said

    Fuck anybody who says shit about zach. Yall Dumb Motherfuckers dont know the real story so quit runnin your dicksuckers. Half the bitches who commented on this would probably get thier ass beat by zach so all yall bitches got his address and phone number off the internet, so WHY DONT ANYONE COME DO SOMTHIN BOUT IT.I hope anyone who thinks stevo or zach did that shit fuckin dies in the most painful way you can. “Talk shit you get your ass beat”, maybe someone should of told Tori that. Bitch aint get jumped, she got beat up by a 14 and 17 year old and they both hit her 1 on 1 so fuck yall bitchs.
    Fucks With me 863

    • your fuckin lame idk wut tha guys did but wut tha girls did to tori was fucked up. i could beat the fuck out of brittani and april they cant even fight so the tape was an embarrassment on thier part as well and mercedes fat ass im glad her mama beat her ass they all need a ass whoopin and im sure they will get it. and u need to stop wishin death on ppl so fuq wut cha heard homie u aint hard or bout shit

  21. Kaiser said

    I’d like to know what kind of training you have before you make those kinds of claims “Death.” Because obviously you’ve been listening to too much bad rap and think you’re from L.A. One more thing, go back to school and actually learn to read, write, and maybe even speak coherently.

  22. todd said

    karma will get them all – stupid little shits – that zach kid looks like a homo – death – crystal – shut up – honestly you’re more than likely lil punks from the burbs with nothing better to do than dl music and talk tough online on ma and dads computer – in any case – i’d knock the shit out of those shits just for fun – they deserve it – or wait – i will get like 6 of my friends and then knock em out – think about it DUMBASS

  23. alive said

    After observing the comments here and other places it is clear that those defending the actions are those who do not even speak properly (type). A great example of this would be the posting death left. How *classy*. I am sure as with the others ‘death’ will add something wonderful to society perhaps another inmate to our over crowded jails. Violence does not solve anything and if you do not agree with it being morally wrong the facts are any form of assault aside from self defense is illegal, the sooner we learn how to act like civilized human beings the better.

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