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NYPD Detective accused of Pimping 13-Year-old

Posted by shadmia on January 31, 2008


Detective Wayne Taylor, 35, a 14-year veteran of the New York Police Department’s housing bureau had a second job: Pimp. He was arrested along with his girlfriend, 29-year-old Zelika Brown. They are accused of forcing a 13-year-old runaway to work as a prostitute at parties around the city. The criminal charges include: second-degree kidnapping, second- and third-degree promoting prostitution, third-degree assault and endangering the welfare of a child. If convicted, each could face up to 25 years in prison. They were each being held on $250,000 bail. See the TV report here.

It all began when the 13-year-old ran away from her parent’s Brooklyn home on Jan. 10 and met with a person known as “Drama” who offered to get her into the business of dancing for money at parties. “Drama” introduced the girl to Zelika Brown who told the girl that she had bought her for $500 and that she had to work off the debt. Brown introduced the girl to detective Taylor as her husband. Even though the girl was only 13-years-old, Taylor told her to tell anyone who asked, that she was 19.

Both Taylor and Brown took the girl to a Queens barber shop where various men paid cash to be with her. Taylor instructed the girl on how much to charge the men: $40 for oral sex and $80 for intercourse. Another girl working that party, Krystal Tudy, 18, later told investigators that Brown put her to work and provided security for her and others in Brown’s employ. Tudy and other prostitutes beat her for not making enough money at the barbershop party, with Taylor threatening to put her to work as a streetwalker and warning her that if she tried to flee, she would trip the house alarm. The girl lived at Brown’s home at 173-37 Vaswani Avenue in Queens for about 17 days.

Between Jan 10 and Jan 27 the girl was forced to perform sexual acts with approximately 20 men who had paid Brown and Taylor to have sex with her. The girl eventually escaped to her family, who took her to a police precinct, police said.

“This case is every parent and every child’s worst nightmare, made even more frightening by the fact that one of the defendants is a police officer who swore to uphold the law and the community he serves,” District Attorney Richard A. Brown said in a statement. “The case will be vigorously prosecuted.”

Taylor’s lawyer, Peter Brill, told reporters his client “has a right to have the case proven against him beyond a reasonable doubt.” Randall Unger, an attorney for Brown, said “It may turn out that there is a great deal of exaggeration in this case.”

At the time of her arrest, Zelika Brown allegedly made statements to police that she was running a prostitution business and that the victim, Tudy and other women performed sex with men for money and that Taylor would “watch out” for her while the girls were prostituting themselves. Det. Wayne Taylor, 35, tried to distance himself from the allegations, telling investigators he only drove the teen — and other girls and young women — for his girlfriend’s exotic dancer business, authorities said.

Police say Taylor joined the force in 1994. He was assigned to the Housing Bureau, and worked in the Bronx and in Queens. The detective was reportedly arrested during a police stakeout of his house. Sources say he left with two females, one identified as a prostitute and the other a madame. The three were allegedly en route to a party at a Holiday Inn in Queens. A police source says that the detective had previously been on modified duty after he was accused of using a department car to drive home after work. The same source referred to Taylor as “a bad, bad guy.” The crimes Taylor is accused of occurred off-duty, police said. He likely faces termination and up to 25 years in prison.


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5 Responses to “NYPD Detective accused of Pimping 13-Year-old”

  1. Justin said

    Why is there no picture of the suspect? Hmmm….

  2. Cee Mecca said

    Justin, If you want to see pictures go to the New York Post web site. Its true. Zaleka and her married boyfriend abused those poor girls. I am sure there are alot more girls/ladies out there. They might be ashamed or scared. Eventhough, one has to be proven guilty in a court of law. But, why didn’t Zaleka or the cop turn the young girl over to the police, aparently she was missing from some where. It was greed. The cop trying to take care of his poor wife and pay Zaleka’s bills. When the police look into Zalek’s back ground they are going to find more than just a hair dresser. Zaleka is use to the hustle. She is the Queen of stank. I am just sad for Wayne Taylor’s children and wife. I pray for all of their victims, known and unknown.

  3. It is sad there are so many people walking around with no conscience

  4. Quentin R. said

    as an update: Wayne was released in 2011, after spending 3.5 years in jail. Gross and disgusting. But no surprise, since his brother Raheem J Taylor is also a predator too.

  5. Vanessa said

    I was working in a salon with this Zeleka, And of course she still got that madam attitude n the bitch also got custody of baby sister, Child protective services really know how to do their background checks…mmm

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