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Paulk Pleads Guilty to Perjury

Posted by shadmia on January 17, 2008


Archbishop Earl Paulk, 80, co-founder of the Cathedral at Chapel Hill, a megachurch based in Atlanta, pled guilty to the felony charge that he lied under oath. Cobb County Superior Court Judge Frank Cox, sentenced Paulk to 10 years probation and a fine of $1,000. Cox said the sentence was not unusual for someone like Paulk who, facing as much as 10 years in prison, has no prior record and whose health is “frail.”

There seemed to be unanimous agreement that the sentence was a fair one. Cobb County District Attorney Pat Head said the sentence was “certainly adequate” for Paulk, who had never been charged criminally before and added:

“There are a lot of allegations about things he has done over the past 15 or 20 years,” Head said. “In trying to determine what is a fair sentence, I can’t look at what he’s been alleged to have done in other counties.”

Paulk’s attorney, Joel Pugh, said he had been working with Cobb County District Attorney Pat Head for weeks on negotiating a deal.

“It was a fair and just resolution of the case for a man who has lived his whole life and done wonderful things but made a mistake,” Pugh said. “He’s ready to move on.”

The charges stem from a 2006 deposition Paulk gave in a lawsuit against him by former church employee Mona Brewer, who said she was coerced into an affair. In the deposition Paulk swore that the only other woman that he had sex with, outside of his marriage, was Mona Brewer. However, a court-ordered paternity test revealed that Paulk’s nephew (his brother’s son) was actually Paulk’s biological son, meaning of course, that he had had sexual relations with his brother’s wife. The son, D.E. Paulk, is now the head pastor of the church Paulk founded with his brother in 1960. In addition, 8 other women gave sworn testimony that Paulk had coerced them into having sex with him.

Paulk has also been accused by his granddaughter, Penielle “Penie” White, of child sexual abuse. She gave a supporting deposition in the case brought against him by Mona Brewer. According to Penielle White the abuse happened when she was about 8-years-old. Penielle and her friend, Jessica Battle, both spent the night at her grandfather’s house. She says he touched both of them in “inappropriate areas”.

“He started out playful, tickling and sort of fondling,” White said in a phone interview. “But as a child, you don’t know that’s what he’s doing.”

Matt Wilkins, one of Paulk’s attorneys, denied White’s allegations.

“They surprised him,” Wilkins said of the on-air interviews given by White and her mother – Paulk’s daughter, Beth Bonner. “He spent Thanksgiving at Beth Bonner’s house, and Penie was there. They had a loving family Thanksgiving.”

Bonner, however, said that the family had a meal together on the Saturday after Thanksgiving so that they could be with Paulk’s wife, Norma.

I wonder if Paulk has ever heard of the 10 Commandments? I can think of at least three of them he has violated:

  1. You shall not commit adultery
  2. You shall not bear false witness
  3. You shall not covet your neighbor’s possessions

I couldn’t find anything about child molestation but I am sure the bible has something to say on that subject. It seems as if no-one was safe around this man; not his brother wife; not his own granddaughter and none of the women who accused him of sexual abuse. Paulk allowed his brother to raise a child that Paulk knew was really his son and said nothing about it until a paternity test exposed him. He has created havoc in so many lives and what is his punishment? – 10 years probation and a fine of $1,000!!


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