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Lost Dog Becomes Christmas Present

Posted by shadmia on January 6, 2008


Scooter was a lovable 18-month-old pug. He was a very friendly dog who loved being with people. On Christmas Eve he escaped from his backyard by digging a hole and disappeared. He left his owners, Rob and Kim Velevis, very unhappy. However their misery soon turned to anger.

They received a letter from an anonymous woman who had found the friendly dog and gave it to her daughter as a Christmas present. To compensate for Velevis’ loss, a $20 bill was enclosed.

“The puppy has a different name now, but he has plenty of food and toys. My daughter adores him. He sleeps with her every night,” said the letter

The woman, who discovered an address on the pug’s collar, described a series of difficulties in her life. The woman wrote that she cannot ask for forgiveness, “but I do want you to know that he does have people who love him and are taking care of him.”

“I lost custody because of problems I had with alcohol, and I have lost everything else,” she wrote. “I have been sober for 6 months, and I am trying to turn myself around, but I have lost everything. My little girl wanted a pug dog like your little dog (very much!)”

The Velevis’ were not impressed. Kim, 28, who is 5 1/2 months pregnant with her first child, said she and her husband brought the wrinkly faced pooch home in July 2006 when he was about 8 weeks old. She said she has no interest in pursuing charges against the woman and would be glad to purchase the woman’s daughter another dog.

Scooter could still be nearby. The typewritten letter, which carried a Tulsa, Okla., postmark, said the woman found the dog while visiting her daughter in Dallas.

“We knew the first thing our Scooter would have done is find people,” Velevis said. “He must have wandered up to this sick lady who, in desperation and in an attempt to fix her own life, ruined ours.”


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