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6 Family Members Killed by Couple

Posted by shadmia on December 28, 2007


It was Christmas Eve and Michelle Anderson, 29, and her boyfriend of six years Joseph McEnroe, 29, had nothing but evil in their hearts and murder on their minds. When it was all over 6 people were dead. The pair killed Michelle’s parents, her brother and sister-in-law and their two children.


Dead are: Wayne Anderson 60, Judith Anderson 61, Scott Anderson 32, Erica Anderson 32, Olivia Anderson 6, Nathan Anderson 3.


Michelle and Joseph lived in a trailer about 200 yards from her parents house on a wooded rural property about 3 miles from Carnation, Wa. They armed themselves – she had a 9mm handgun and he had a .357 revolver – and went over to her parents home. Michelle first shot her father, Wayne, and then Joseph shot him afterwards making sure he was dead. Joseph then turned his attention to Judith, Michelle’s mother, and shot her twice – killing her. The killers then hid the bodies in a shed in the backyard of the house.

When Scott, Michelle’s brother, and his wife, Erica, showed up with their two children shortly afterwards, on a planned Christmas Eve visit, the killers decided that they were potential witnesses. Both Joseph and Michelle killed Scott and Erica. Joseph then killed the two children by shooting each of them once in the head. See the police report here.

The couple was planning to escape to Canada when they were arrested Wednesday afternoon, two days later, on suspicion of homicide after they showed up at the crime scene. It’s unclear why they returned to the home, as it swarmed with detectives and crime-scene investigators, or why police became suspicious of them. But they didn’t come to turn themselves in, King County sheriff’s spokesman John Urquhart said.

“I don’t know what brought them here, [but] they arrived after we got here. They came to our attention and were arrested,” he said.

The police say that the couple have confessed to the killings. On Thursday, a King County judge denied bail for Anderson and McEnroe, both 29, in the killings of all six — a massacre that raises the possibility of the death penalty for both of them, if convicted. For TV coverage and more information click here.


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2 Responses to “6 Family Members Killed by Couple”

  1. Dr. Lee Peifley said

    I am a psychologist, however, if an individual(s) is going to fulfill something as sadistic as these two animals, then the animals need to be eliminated. Put them to death, they can’t be helped and quite honestly, I wouldn’t want to help them.

  2. Angered and Sickened said

    I am sick and tired of reading this kind of crap so often. This sort of thing happens because the people doing such evil shit aren’t very concerned about the consequences their actions. I am starting to believe more and more in vigilante justice. If I were near this place I would kill them both myself while they’re on their way to the courtroom. I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old. These 2 assholes shot babies in the head… ON CHRISTMAS!! The prick McEnroe said that he didn’t want the children to turn them in. This is his reasoning. Only to confess within 24 hours. I am literally sick from this story. Someone please do something. They will live off taxpayers money for 20 years or so, live through the appeal process and maybe end up with life imprisonment. If this happened to me I PRAY someone get vigilante on my and my childrens behalf. These people are not worthy of anything not even the oxygen they consume. People from the east coast should travel to the west coast and vice versa to help get retribution for people and families who have to deal with these things. Woman drowning/murdering their own children, men raping and murdering innocent women and kids, random shootings that take innocent lives.. WHEN WILL IT STOP? Never unless good people start to take back control. Let these evil, soulless murderers and rapists know that there are very serious consequences for what they do. Make them think twice and three times about what they plan on doing before they do it.

    The news scared me when I was a young child. My bedtime was 9:00 which is when the local news came on. My parents never had to struggle to get me to go to bed. All they had to do was turn on the news. This is why. Seeing how things get worse and worse almost weekly in this country all that can be said is God help us all. What kind of future will there be for our children and grandchildren. It’s no wonder we’re losing all of our freedoms.

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