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Alex Robert – Dubai Rape Trial Continues

Posted by shadmia on November 29, 2007


Alexandre Robert, 15, a French citizen was raped by three men in Dubai. One of the rapists has AIDS and Hepatitis. So far Alex has not shown signs of either. Two of the men are already on trial, the third, a 17-year-old juvenile will be tried separately.

For a complete account of what happen to Alex click here.

For an account of the start of the trial click here.

Veronique Robert, Alexandre’s mother, had to be restrained and thrown out of court. Presiding Judge Fahmi Mounir ordered policewomen to take out the woman who jumped from her seat and walked towards lawyer Rukoz Hobeika and shouted at him. The mother had stormed to the middle of the courtroom and screamed ‘shame on you!’ to Hobeika.

Hobeika said: “This case has been a media war. The Public Prosecution should have conducted more serious investigations especially concerning the kidnap, threat and assault charges.”

The defense lawyers Rukoz Hobeika and Saeed al Ghailani began by casting doubt on both Alex’s testimony and his character and accused him of being a sex addict. They also accused the prosecution of fabricating evidence against the two men.

“Where are the stick and the knife with which the victim claims to have been threatened? I.S. and A.R. had an intimate friendship. He had a particular agreement with A.R.

“According to a forensic medical report, A.R.’s symptoms prove that he suffers from a disease (Al Ubna in Arabic) which makes him ask others to have sex with him but not otherwise. He has become an addict to submissive sex.Therefore, he couldn’t have been forced to have sex with the suspects.”

“A.R. told the public prosecutors that he trusted his close friend, I.S., and that’s why they rode his car. The doctor, who examined A.R. less than 24 hours following the incident, reported that the victim’s body had no bruises, though he claimed he was beaten with a stick and assaulted.”

NOTE: In the preceding comments only the initials of the suspects were used: A.K. is the 35-year-old AIDS and Hepatitis suspect. I.M. is the 18-year-old suspect. I.S. is the 17-year-old juvenile. A.R. is Alexandre Robert the victim.

The Public Prosecution charged A.K., his 18-year-old compatriot, I.M., and a 17-year-old teenager (being prosecuted at Juveniles Court) I.S., with deception and kidnapping the 15-year-old student, A.R., and his 16-year-old compatriot, F.K., by offering to drive them home. The three suspects were also charged with having a homosexual affair against A.R.’s will after threatening him with a knife and a stick.

Besides having denied his charge during his first court appearance, A.K. told the presiding judge: “I was drunk at the time of the incident.” The other two suspects also denied their charges.

According to Alex’s lawyer Hussain Al Jaziri, the 35-year-old A.K. should have been charged with attempted murder.

“The suspect knew he has Aids and Hepatitis which are fatal diseases. When he reportedly had forceful sex with my 15-year-old victim, he was aware that those diseases are sexually transmitted. This is a murder attempt. The suspect continued to have sex with my client against his will though he was aware that he could kill my client [if the diseases got transmitted]”

“For two and a half months the police couldn’t control A.K. to get a blood sample, so how would it be possible for A.R. to escape being sexually abused! My client cries day and night. He wishes he dies normally instead of dying of Aids,” said Al Jaziri who is also seeking Dh20,500 in temporary compensation.

The trial continues and a verdict is expected December 12.

Véronique Robert has set up a website for those who wish to express support for her son.


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2 Responses to “Alex Robert – Dubai Rape Trial Continues”

  1. lheylah said

    i like the photos. add more pls

  2. George said


    Due to my experiences in the field of tourism I must say that arab men in general tend to insulting people – women in general – and that their mentality is boldly said highly unfriendly and harassing.

    Another culture- another mentality. A 100% sure nothing for me.
    I like friendly, non-hierarchical, non machoid, non insulting, non harassing people.

    I consider it as highly anormal that they consider on the one side beating up an elderly english teacher because she let a boy name his teddy-bear mohamed and that at the same time they first tried to give Alexandre the fault of what has happened to him. And after the courage and the strength of his mother to fight in the medias they want to prove their modernity in sentencing this judgement – not after having tried to fight the Family Robert first.
    Well done!

    I just wonder how many people are brutalized which cant fight in the medias. Thinking of all the filipina women that are mishandled.

    Dubai – you will never gonna see me! For sure.

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