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Thrill Kill – Teens Arrested

Posted by shadmia on November 15, 2007


Two Michigan teenagers, Jean Pierre Orlewicz, 17, and Alexander James Letkemann, 18, are in jail accused of killing Daniel Gene-Vincent Sorensen, 26……just for the thrill of it. Not only was Sorensen killed but his head was severed from his body, both his hands and feet were torched (presumably to hide his identity) and his torso was set on fire. His head and body were recovered separately some 15 miles apart. Orlewicz, of Plymouth, and Letkemann, of Westland, were arraigned on one count each of first-degree premeditated murder, felony murder and mutilation of a corpse. The two are being held without bond at the Wayne County Jail. The murder charges carry mandatory sentences of life in prison. Mutilating a corpse carries a maximum sentence of 10 years.

What prosecutors are calling a well-thought out murder, began by Orlewicz luring Sorensen to his grandfather’s garage. The two teens had prepared for the murder by spreading a tarp on the floor where they intended to kill him. When Sorensen entered the garage he was stabbed multiple times in the back. He head was sawed off and his body was wrapped up in the tarp. Orlewicz and Letkemann also burned his hands and feet with a blowtorch, possibly in an effort to conceal his identity.

The teens loaded Sorenson’s torso in a pickup truck, dumped it in a cul-de-sac and set it on fire using gasoline. A utility crew found it Thursday morning, police said. Sorenson’s head was found Saturday in the Rouge River.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy is in charge of the investigation and held a press conference:

“We’ve all seen a lot. We’ve seen it all,” Worthy said of the case’s investigators. “Still, a crime like this surprises us all.

“Anytime anyone kills just because they want to, and that’s what the evidence seems to suggest here, is bone-chilling. Why anyone would want to do that, especially being 17 years old, it makes us think and ask a lot of questions about our society.”

Apparently the two teens had not known each other for very long. Jean Pierre Orlewicz was a senior at Canton High School and Alexander James Letkemann a recent graduate of Livonia Public Schools. Raymond Cassar, the Letkemann’s lawyer, said Alex is scared and confused. He said Alex had known Orlewicz for about three months before the slaying and described them as mere acquaintances. Both teens have pages on MySpace and do not list each other as friends. Letkemann’s page is here and Orlewicz’s page is here.

The victim, Daniel Gene-Vincent Sorensen, is a registered sex offender which prosecutors say has nothing to do with the case. He was convicted of having sex with a 14-year-old girl when he was 17. He also owed Orlewicz about $400 which again according to prosecutors was not the motive behind the killing. Before meeting with the two killers, Daniel had told friends where he was going. After killing Sorensen the two teens called a third teen to help them with the body. These two events helped investigators solve the case. See a TV news report on how the case was solved

For more TV coverage on this story click here

For a press conference with Alexander’s parents click here


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  1. I just heard the guys on WRIF mention this and I came looking for more information.
    I grew up in Livonia and spent a lot of time in Canton. I’m shocked really.

    If you want to read a website about something less revolting, stop by my music site.

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