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Judge loses Job

Posted by shadmia on November 14, 2007


Remember Roy Pearson? He was the judge who sued his dry cleaners for $54 million for losing a pair of pants. He lost the case which brought international ridicule and calls for change to the US tort laws. Well judge Roy Pearson is now ex-judge Roy Pearson. Washington, D.C.’s Office of Administrative Hearings panel voted against reappointing him to a 10-year term.

But believe it or not, the case of the $54 million pants is not over. Pearson has filed an appeal, which has little chance of success but will keep the case alive through next year. In part, Pearson argues in the appeal:

The premise on which the court based its June 25th Order, rejecting each of plaintiff’s claims, is manifestly in error. The court effectively substituted a guarantee of satisfaction with “reasonable” limits and preconditions for the unconditional and unambiguous guarantee of satisfaction the defendant-merchants chose to advertise for seven years. That was a fundamental legal error. It eliminated an essential basis (the defendants’ false or deceptive representation) for each of plaintiff’s claims and required the entry of judgment for the defendants.

Pearson was one of about 30 judges who worked in the Office of Administrative Hearings, which handles disputes involving city agencies. He had held his $100,000 a-year position for two years. The decision not to appoint him to a ten year term seems in part to be a reaction to his conduct.


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