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Sex on the Net IX

Posted by shadmia on October 29, 2007

The Sex on the Net series continues with another installment of short but interesting sex-related news stories.

The Family Man


Shahadeh Abu Arrar has given new meaning to the term “family man.” Abu Arrar, 58, is a member of Israel’s impoverished Bedouin Arab community. In a traditional society where men commonly have several wives and many children, Abu Arrar is exceptional. He has 8 wives and 67 children! But he is not yet finished. Abu Arrar, whose oldest child is 37, is considering marrying again.

“I’m thinking about a new wife, No. 9,” he told the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot in a recent interview. “There are many women who wish to marry me and there is no lack of women. I never had a problem with such things.”

While Islam allows Muslim men to have four co-wives, it is a custom in Bedouin society to flout the already-generous ruling – and an Israeli ban on polygamy – by marrying women one at a time, divorcing them and marrying others, experts on Bedouin culture said. Culturally, it’s understood that the renounced wives are still married to Abu Arrar, the experts said. “My first wife is my age, and today I hardly spend any time with her. Her children are big, and I leave her alone. I have younger wives to spend time with. Every night I decide which wife to be with.”

Abu Arrar claims to remember all his children’s names, and says they are split almost evenly between boys and girls. According to the Israeli Interior Ministry, Abu Arrar has 53 children registered as Israeli citizens. He has 14 other children born to Palestinian wives in the West Bank and who are not eligible for Israeli citizenship, his other wives said.

It’s unclear how Abu Arrar supports his massive family. Camels, goats and a cow were grazing on his property. Yediot said he also receives about $1,700 in government handouts each month. Can you imagine the size of his dinner table??? Maybe somebody should tell him about condoms???

Size Does Matter


According to Frank Sadlo, founder of TheyFit, which makes what he claims are the world’s first custom-fit condoms, size really does matter. Widths vary but condom length is usually standard, as it is believed latex can stretch to fit all men. The average adult penis is 5-6 inches long, experts said. Sadlo said his inspiration for custom condoms arose from his days playing baseball at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, where locker room tales of exploits with the opposite sex often failed to include use of condoms due to complaints they did not fit.A more comfortable condom contributes to men actually using them, said Michael Reece, director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University.

“Typically, when a man complains about condom fit, we have assumed that he means that condoms are too small and we have often just ignored this complaint because we think that men are bragging about the size of their penis” Reece said

He said men also have problems with condoms being too large. “It is time for those who establish condom manufacturing standards to consider whether an expanded range of condom sizes is necessary,” Reece said. When given a choice, Frank Sadlo said many men prefer condoms smaller than the standard minimum 6.3 inches long, with more than half ordering those less than 5.12 inches.

Sadlo offers a “fit kit,” a sheet of paper printed from a computer for sizing — and advising the user to watch out for paper cuts. The chart only runs from long to longer. The product was offered from 2003-2006 in the United States before he withdrew it to upgrade from 55 to 95 sizes. Changing international standard would make it easier to widely offer the product, rather than seeking approval in each country. Sadlo said it has been difficult to transform the condom industry.

Sadlo was at a meeting of delegates from 21 countries under the Geneva-based International Organization for Standardization. At the session in Seogwipo on South Korea’s Jeju Island, more than 100 representatives — including leading manufacturers, government standards bodies and aid groups — pored over 42 pages of specifications and testing requirements for condoms. Maybe if Sadlo tried a little harder he could get the delegate to adopt his motto: Size Does Matter!

Genitalia Piercing

What is a 39-year-old mother to do when she discovers that her 13-year-old daughter has been having sex…… and one of her partners was the mother’s boyfriend? Well one such mother came up with a solution: Shave her head and of course pierce her genitalia. The girl testified in court at her mother’s child abuse trial.

The girl, now 16, told jurors that her mother asked a tattoo artist friend in 2004 to shave the girl’s head to make her unattractive to boys and later held her down for the piercing.

“She was trying to protect me, but it hurt me,” the girl testified. “It not only hurt me physically, but it hurt me mentally. … That’s emotionally scarring. That’s physical abuse.”

Defense attorney Donald Day told jurors that the mother had trouble with her rebellious daughter and that the girl agreed to the piercing to help rebuild her mother’s trust.

“It wasn’t torture or extreme violence,” Day said. “It was, in the young girl’s words, to try to save her. … That decision was a last-ditch effort. In my client’s mind, she had no other options.”

Child welfare officials were called after the girl became infected from the piercing. The mother, whose name is being withheld to protect her daughter’s identity, is charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse and faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted. Tammy Meredith, 43, who did the piercing in her home, was sentenced to a year in jail for her role. An arrest warrant has been issued for the mother’s boyfriend on allegations he had sex with the girl.

Ping Pong “Special”


If your teenage son has taken up ping pong after school and he attends Pace HS in Manhattan, it is time to worry. Teens at Pace HS were getting their sex education outside the classroom after being targeted by pimps who lured them to a nearby brothel and enticed them with cut-rate romps, law-enforcement sources said. The brothel, at 39 Eldridge St., was recently shut down by NYPD vice cops following complaints from outraged parents who learned that their sons were targeted by the sleazy operators, the sources said.

Police sources said that a ping pong hall was a front for the whorehouse in the back of the establishment, and that it was run by Benjie Zheng, 47, who lived a few blocks away, and Ming Liuchang, 48, of Queens. The men would try to lure students to the Robo-Pong Training Center by distributing business cards outside the school, sources said. The cards were printed only with a contact number, an image of a topless woman – and a word, “Good.”

The men were arrested in a Sept. 18 sting operation, along with two suspected prostitutes and Heng Yu Ye, 46, who owned the ping pong parlor. The alleged cathouse was shuttered for good after the bust. Two undercover detectives paid cash after Zheng told them:

“You can pick any of these girls for sex, and it will cost you $35,”

Investigators allege that over the past month, the owners drummed up business by hawking their services directly in front of the school. Those who called the business-card number were given the address and upon arriving, allegedly paid fees ranging from $35 to $60 in exchange for a playing card that served as a chit for sexual services in secret back rooms.

“It doesn’t surprise me. There are guys handing out cards with naked girls on them all the time around here,” said Ivy Lee, a senior at Pace HS.

The rates were apparently designed to attract students who might not have wanted to wait until prom night.

“It was obvious that they were targeting young students, because the prices were so low,” said one disgusted police official, adding, “Most brothels charge at least $100.”


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