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Mona “The Hammer” Shaw vs Sub-Moronic Imbeciles

Posted by shadmia on October 23, 2007


Mona Shaw 75, seems to be a nice lady. She lives in a nice house in Bristow, Virginia with her husband of 45 years, Don. They are both retired from the Air Force. She is secretary of the local AARP, secretary of a square-dancing club and takes in strays for the local animal shelter (they have seven dogs at the moment). She has a heart condition. She lifts weights at a local gym. The couple attend a Unitarian Universalist church. All in all she seems to be enjoying her retirement. That is until she decided to sign up for her local cable company’s (Comcast) “Triple Play” service, which combines phone, cable and Internet services.

Little did she, or anyone else, know that she was about to become the spokeswoman for all disgruntled people who have suffered at the hands of a behemoth bureaucracy whose very name is an oxymoron – Customer Service.

Mona called Comcast and scheduled a day for them to come out and install their “Triple Play” service. Comcast did not show up on that day, a Monday. They came two days later but left with the job half done. On Friday Comcast cut off all service. That same Friday Mona and her husband Don went down to the local call center office to complain.

Mona demands to speak to a manager. A customer service representative says someone will be right with them. Directs them to a bench, outside. (Remember, it’s mid-August.) Mona and Don sit. After two hours have gone by they are still sitting and waiting. Finally the customer rep leans out the door and says the manager has left for the day. Thanks for coming!

Mona was livid! The insulting idea that, as Shaw puts it, “they thought just because we’re old enough to get Social Security that we lack both brains and backbone.”

So, after stewing over it all weekend, on the following Monday, she went downstairs, got Don’s claw hammer and said: “C’mon, honey, we’re going to Comcast.”

(It should be noted right now that what followed next was a totally inappropriate (albeit satisfying!) way of settling a dispute with Customer Service.)

Look out!! It’s Hammer Woman, avenger of oppressed cable subscribers everywhere!

Hammer time: Shaw storms in the company’s office. BAM! She whacks the keyboard of the customer service rep. BAM! Down goes the monitor. BAM! She totals the telephone. People scatter, scream, cops show up and what does she do? POW! A parting shot to the phone!

“They cuffed me right then,” she says.

Her take on Comcast: “What a bunch of sub-moronic imbeciles.”

“I scared the tar out of some people, at least,” she says. “It had never occurred to me to take a hammer to a phone company before, but I was just so upset. . . . After I hit the keyboard, I turned to this blonde who had been there the previous Friday, the one who told me to wait for the manager, and I said, ‘ Now do I have your attention?’ ”
“My blood pressure went up around my ears. I started hyperventilating. They had to call the rescue squad and put me on a litter.”

By the time it was over, she recalls, there were an ambulance, two police cruisers and a sergeant’s car in the parking lot. Shaw received a three-month suspended sentence for disorderly conduct, a $345 fine in restitution and a year-long restraining order barring her from the Comcast office.

She does, however, finally, have phone service………..On Verizon!!


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One Response to “Mona “The Hammer” Shaw vs Sub-Moronic Imbeciles”

  1. Yeah Mona!!! You go girl…remember me, I’m your old neighbor from Manassas on Cather Avenue. Remember Kay and Larry and Kenny? Would love to hear from you. Just e-mail me at Hugs, Kay

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