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Super Cold Drink Anyone?

Posted by shadmia on September 20, 2007



Coca-Cola is considering the launch of revolutionary new packaging that will create ice inside a soft drink when it is opened. It is planning to launch a new super cold Sprite in the UK which it hopes will appeal to urban youth. The new drink will be called Sprite Super Chilled and should be available as early as next year. If successful, Coke plans to introduce the technology across its carbonated portfolio, such as Coke and Diet Coke.

The bottled drink has to be stored in a purpose-built, developed vending machine that keeps the drink at a certain temperature. When it is purchased, the consumer twists the bottle, which triggers a mechanism inside that creates ice made from the drink, so it is not diluted. Coke hopes the drink will tap into the trend for super cold alcoholic drinks, particularly beers.

With this new technology Coke is trying to emulate a trend in the beer market that offers customers a colder beer. Coors Brewing Company, makers of Coors and Coors Light, has introduced two products to give beer drinkers “cold, refreshing beer.”

  1. A “cold-activated bottle” has mountains on the label that turn to blue from white when the beer is chilled to 42 degrees Fahrenheit, or below. Twelve-ounce bottles of Coors and Coors light sport the label, which relies on thermochromatic ink to change color.
  2. A “super cold” bar-top dispenser pours Coors Light into a glass at 28.5 to 31.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Coors said traditional tap systems pour beer at 36 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Denver has been one of the first markets where the dispenser has been rolled out at bars and restaurants. As part of its push, Coors points to research that claims “most adult consumers enjoy a colder beer.”

“It’s part of our corporate mission to continue to excite the consumer,” Mark Weslar, innovation director for Golden-based Coors, said of the cold campaign.

Other beer manufacturers like Miller and Foster’s are also experimenting with colder beers while companies like the Chill Chamber are getting into the manufacture of refrigeration systems that use super cooling technology to take the temperature of beer to 22 degrees Fahrenheit without freezing it.

So next time you ask for a “Cold One”Be Careful – you may really be getting a “Super Cold One”


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