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7-Year-Old Afghan Girl Raped

Posted by shadmia on August 25, 2007

Every once in while a story comes along that makes you think. For me this is one of those stories. It is not so much that a 7-year-old girl was raped. It is not so much that two brothers 18 and 24 raped her. It is not so much that the brothers’ sister helped them. It is not so much that nobody outside the girl’s family seemed to care. It is not so much that the girl’s parents had to flee to seek justice. It is not so much that this is not an isolated incident. It is not so much that this little girl has suffered severe psychological damage. It is not so much that the rape reflects badly on the girl’s family. It is all of the above!

Can any society be so morally depraved as to condone such a vile, reprehensible act? This story appeared in a number of online publications. Below is the complete story without any further comments or editing.


KABUL, AFGHANISTAN — The family of a 7-year-old Afghan girl raped by two men has come forward to demand justice, defying social customs that view such attacks as a stain on the victim’s honor. Two months after the rape, the girl is still in pain, rarely speaks and looks no one in the eye.

Two brothers — identified only as 18-year-old Ismat and 24-year-old Mohammad — allegedly asked their teenage sister to lure the girl to their home in the Jaghuri district of Ghazni province and raped her until she lost consciousness, according to human rights officials and advocates handling the case.

The suspects were briefly held by police and then freed. Rights officials suspect they used personal contacts or bribes to secure their release.

The girl’s family fled north to the capital, leaving home under cover of darkness.

“The district chief went to the uncle and said if they complain any further or go to Kabul, he’s going to personally come and kill them,” said Manizha Naderi, director of the advocacy organization Women for Afghan Women, which is helping the girl’s family.

Jaghuri district chief Khada Dad Erfani denied any threat, and claimed tribal elders and relatives of the girl and the brothers intervened, preferring to handle the case through tribal law instead of potentially embarrassing legal proceedings.

He raised no doubts about the brothers’ guilt.

“They didn’t want this to be followed up through the justice system of the government because they said this would give a very bad name to their area and the people living there,” Erfani said.

The younger brother has been re-arrested, but the elder is at large, he said.

Interviews with officials from Women for Afghan Women and the Afghan human rights commission produced similar accounts of how the girl was invited to the brothers’ home.

The two suspects’ 15-year-old sister knew the 7-year-old because they grazed sheep together. The sister invited the girl to eat cheese and then left her with Ismat and Mohammad, said Jamila Zafar, a social worker who is counseling the girl and her family.

After attacking the child, the brothers left her unconscious near the family home. When she came to, she went home and complained of stomach pains for a few days, Zafar said. The family then took her to the hospital, where doctors examined the girl and determined she had been raped.

The men were promptly arrested, but Naderi and Zafar said they believed bribes were paid to free them. Human rights commissioner Hangama Anwari said the brothers were released because “there was some relationship” between them and district authorities.

Rape is not uncommon in Afghanistan, but victims rarely come forward because a girl or woman losing her virginity out of wedlock is seen as disgracing her entire family.

Because the crime is seldom reported, there are no reliable statistics on the number of young girls raped, Anwari said. She said it was the second such case in Ghazni this year.

“It’s not reported because of family honor. It’s very unusual that they’re bringing this forward,” said Naderi of Women for Afghan Women.

“No one in Afghanistan wants anyone to know their daughter has been raped because a girl’s virginity is so highly valued here. If a girl loses her virginity for any reason … she’s not a girl anymore. She’s a woman. Unmarriageable.”

Families and local elders often take the matter into their own hands and resort to traditional tribal laws, which commonly punish girls for the crimes of their male relatives. Under Afghan law, the sentence for raping a child is life imprisonment.

Zafar said the brothers’ relatives offered a 6-year-old girl as a future bride to compensate the victim’s family, who rejected the offer.

Erfani said another proposal was that the 7-year-old girl marry a young male relative of the brothers to salvage her honor. The girl’s family also turned down this suggestion, he said.

The two men remained free until the victim’s uncle and grandmother took the girl to Kabul, where they sought help from the human rights commission and Attorney General Abdul Jabar Sabit.

Sabit ordered an inquiry and said the attackers should be re-arrested, said Ahmad Samir Samimi, his chief of staff.

One of the brothers was detained, Erfani said, adding authorities were “doing our best” to arrest his older brother.

The grandmother, Amir Begum, hopes the 15-year-old sister also will be arrested and punished.

Meanwhile, the young victim — who is not named in this article to protect her identity — is receiving medical treatment and undergoing psychological counseling in Kabul.

Begum described her granddaughter, a second grader, as intelligent and bookish, but said the attack has nearly rendered her mute.

“Now she doesn’t want to talk at all, not to anyone, not even me,” Begum said.

“The family of these two boys paid money, and they released their sons from police custody,” the grandmother said. “We are poor. No one listened to us. Now it’s good, the human rights commission is following up this case.”

The girl props her skinny frame to one side to alleviate her pain as she plays with dolls and draws in coloring books, writing her name in a neat script — a considerable feat in a country where most of the population is illiterate.

But her play seems mechanical. She does not look people in the eye, and hangs her head, staring at the ground or at the dolls as she sets them gently in a toy cradle and rocks it back and forth.

Only in one fleeting moment was there a glimpse of a little girl’s happiness.

Zafar, who has spent days with the 7-year-old, came to say goodbye one evening. The girl perked up at Zafar’s voice, and reached out to grab her hand, smiled and kissed it.


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25 Responses to “7-Year-Old Afghan Girl Raped”

  1. Here is a a quote from speech that mentions a rape in which their were mass protests. I am not sure how common for people to protest for human rights in Afghanistan because the Western manistream media have only mentioned the protests over the abuse of the Quran by U.S. military and those Muhammed cartoons.

    The gang-rape of young girls and women by warlords belonging to the “Northern Alliance”
    still continues especially in the northern provinces of Afghanistan. People have staged
    mass protests a number of times but no one cares about their sorrow and tears. Only a few
    of the rape cases find their way into the media. One shocking case was that of 11 year old
    Sanobar, the only daughter of an unfortunate widow who was abducted, raped and then
    exchanged for a dog by a warlord. In a land where human dignity has no price, the vicious
    rapist of a poor girl still acts as district chief.

    The complete speech is at

  2. Mayra said

    This breaks my heart. I can’t believe they would rape a seven-year-old girl. And then they offer a six-year-old as a bride… Even more disgusting is the society’s refusal to do anything.

  3. bingskee said

    really sickening. those barbarians should be hanged to death. they deserve no pardon.

    the society’s false protection of its ‘honor’ is equally sickening. those people should be punished, too.

  4. kind of hard to understand how people can defend this type of society. Yet half of America does.

  5. This is heartbreaking.

    But I have to voice my admiration for the girl’s family. They are defying centuries of ‘tradition’ to try and get justice and help for their daughter. That couldn’t have been easy for them.

  6. […] 7 Year old Afghan Girl Raped […]

  7. Irving said

    May God ease the suffering of the poor child and aid her recovery from the physical and mental abuse of such a horror. Good for her family for fleeing the backward Afghanistan countryside. Tribal honor is just tribal horror, when it comes to girls and women, who are considered meat to be used by men for breeding or pleasure. And boys from a wealthy family or larger and more powerful tribe often resort to rape. It is a shame that is hidden in much of the Islamic world that values virginity more than real honor and justice.

  8. Karl said

    Raping in my country is facing a bad period causing a anti racism.We have known about the riot of May 12-14 in Jakarta.We certainly didn’t want that re an re again.

  9. Athena said

    I’m amazed that the family stepped out of tradition to do that for her. Bravo, and I’m going to focus on that picture. But the problem is not just far away. In the U.S. a blind eye is often the response to these horrors which happen here, in so-called “civilized” communities.

  10. Shazia said

    i read the article about the 7 year old girlt hat got raped and i was disguisted. Afghanistan needs to grow up and lift the veil of arrogence off thier faces. Rape is a serious offence, especially when it happens to young children. Afghan officals should impose Afghan law in these cases and not allow tribal leaders to make decisions, because thier never fair towards the victim. Afghanistan needs to clean house; they need to start talking about rape and see what it is and stop virginity so much value. Fucking Bastards, i hope the two men die a painful dead and their fucking whore of a sister has something worse then this happen to her. Assholes.

  11. Habib said

    wow i cant even express the feeling i have for thoes kinda people i just pray they get whats coming to the

  12. Diana Clifford said

    Anyone who participates in the disgrace, torture, humiliation, terrifying, and shaming of a child (especially to ruin their lives for a moment of sexual pleasure) are satan’s gift. I promise, they will live in hell for eternity. God is close at hand, and such workers of satan are close to meeting their karma. What a sick world it is indeed; but I feel confident that such pure evil is close to an end. It is the innocent and pure of heart who will prevail and God will renew their souls when He comes. I believe this with every inch of my being. I feel it and will be my very life that it is a certainty.

  13. albul gufahani said

    i tink 2 tings, 1. you used expression “it not only” too much
    2 maybe little girl very sexy for her age?

    • Shalada Perez said

      What did you say? You stinking piece of sick scum. What kind of person are you to say that about a child? May you rot in hell, you animal. I would hope that you and other men like you are put in prison for the rest of your life to protect others.

    • Brooklyn said

      A real man does not attack a child or any woman for that matter just to satisfy his sexual perversions. Men like you who find little children”sexy” should be Castrated!

  14. Najib Adel said

    this peoples r such a bustard…..
    and htis people r not to be change they r animal…..

  15. Disgusted said


    You are the reason people get away with this barbaric behavior. There is NOTHING that can justify doing something like that to ANY child, no matter the age, nationality, sex or race.

    I believe proper punishment would be to give those two demons to the girl’s family and let them do whatever they want with them. It wouldn’t bother me one bit if they were tortured every minute of their lives. That is nothing compared to what they did to this poor girl. I have a young daughter myself and I know for a fact that those two demons would regret that decision with every ounce of pain I gave them.

  16. Disgusted said

    ^^^ That message was meant for Albul Gufahani, the Pig.

  17. ash said

    am sorry to say but this is not anything new afghan people have ever done and this is not something not to expect from them. I am from Afghanistan myself but I have to be honest, afghans have committed the worst humanitarian crime against each other during the civil war in past 30 years, they have punished and killed each other in such a scary ways that I bit the producers of horror movies having thought about it yet. indeed they are one of the biggest criminals in the word

  18. defendtheinnocent said

    albul gufahani was spawned by Satan and is probably a child rapist himself!!!! May he burn in hell.

  19. jayanthi said

    May the rapists suffer every moment of their lives. God give the little child and her family strength, courage and peace to heal.

  20. JenniferJuniper said

    criminyjicket Says:
    August 26, 2007 at 7:19 pm

    kind of hard to understand how people can defend this type of society. Yet half of America does.

    Because half of America would like to see women ( or should I say little girls ? ) disgraced and used in this type of manner because half of Americans are INSECURE, disgusting, brain numb pigs. It’s a fact that the men over there are afraid of women. Afraid that they might prove that they ARE worth something which would mentally castrate them. Plus, their “laws” ( as well as their thought processes ) are designed to be able to sexually abuse females/children and get away with it. Half of Americans in this country are insecure pieces of garbage.

  21. KP said

    amimals,no diferent that any animal in the jungle,everything bout them is barberic ,no regard for human life ….bunch of maniacs……..i will be ashame to be born there !!!!feel sorry for all the women that have to endure such barbaric living!!!!

  22. KHALID KHAN said


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