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Kenneth Eng – Is He a Danger?

Posted by shadmia on August 13, 2007

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Kenneth Eng, the infamous author of Why I Hate Blacks and many other racist articles, is in the news again. The last time he was in the news, he was trying to take credit for the VA Tech murders committed by Cho Seung-Hui. This time he is involved in his own legal problems.

Kenneth Eng who lives in Bayside, NY, was arrested May 9 for threatening the neighbor, Marissa Addison, 29, and her mother, Jane Rosovich, who were standing with their two dogs on their lawn in front of their Queens home. He is accused of yelling at Addison, saying, “If your dog bites me, I will kill you and your family,” and then swinging a hammer at her, missing her by inches. He pleaded guilty in Queens County Court to an indictment charging him with attempted assault and harassment over the incident.

Queens County Judge Dorothy Chin-Brandt ordered Eng to attend a 12-month outpatient mental health program. If Eng fails to comply with the program’s requirements and fails to take his medication, or if he violates his neighbors’ orders of protection, he can be re-sentenced to up to 4 years in prison. Eng’s attorney, Joel Dranove, said that the plea was “the correct result of all the hard work by the prosecutors, New York State Department of Mental Hygiene and the doctors.”

However the law has not yet finished with Mr. Eng. After his sentencing the feds showed up with an arrest warrant on a sealed indictment and took Eng into custody. The nature of that case was not immediately known. His attorney, Joel Dranove, of Manhattan, said he expected Eng to appear in Brooklyn federal court on Friday, but had no further comment.

With all of his troubles, Eng seems to be trying to capitalize on his infamy. He has been soliciting publishers in an attempt to get published a book he intends to write in favor of the VA Tech killer, Cho.

“I am writing to ask if you’d be interested in publishing a book I am writing involving the VA Tech Shooting. Entitled “Why I Hate Everything”, it is based on what Asians in this country really believe. It defends Seung-Hui Cho by outlining very harshly that he was the real victim.”

In his solicitation Eng tries to convince publishers that his idea is a good match for both of them as he brings a unique perspective to the killings:

“What’s in it for you? Imagine having the ONLY manuscript that defends the VA Tech Shooter. People will be talking about this for 6 months, and I’m sure there will be a multitude of books filled with sympathy for the people who were gunned down. But my book shows the other side of the story — likely it will be the one book that does so. And my publicity with the “Why I Hate Blacks” article and the Village Voice article that came out today certainly helps.”

He concludes by saying: “If you are interested, I can send you over a synopsis and a sample chapter. Thanks for your time.”

Aside from asserting that he influenced Cho Seung-Hui to go on a killing spree, Kenneth Eng seems to have a disturbing affinity with the VA Tech killer. He certainly displays some very twisted logic in defending his hatred for others:

Eng says Cho’s life—his being institutionalized, stalking female classmates, and professors feeling threatened by his presence in class—eerily resembles his own. Eng was committed, and he was suspended from NYU after spitting on a white classmate. He also admits to stalking a white female student. “All the white and black kids cared about was sucking up to each other and that just really pissed me off,” Eng says of his college classmates. “It would be OK if they kept it to themselves, but what they did was literally try to ruin my life.”

“I wrote a script where I stereotyped whites and blacks, and said that the average white girl is an absolute whore. The teacher went to the dean and had everyone in an uproar. No one would talk to me anymore. That’s when I realized how disgusting these people were.”

It is also clear that when he attended NYU as a student, some of the faculty were very concerned about his presence in the school. In a 2003 memo Eng provided between two Tisch School of the Arts deans, one official wrote:

“It is my belief that Kenneth poses a real threat to the Tisch community and has the capacity to harm or kill someone . . . I would like to offer Kenneth the opportunity, in lieu of a disciplinary hearing, to withdraw from NYU with a refund for the semester.”

Strangely enough Kenneth Eng agrees with the assessment of him by school officials:

Eng says NYU officials were correct to be concerned about him. “Frankly, I was planning on going to NYU and going on a rampage,” he says. “The only thing that stopped me was that I couldn’t afford a gun.”

I am not sure if Kenneth Eng is just a racist with a very big chip on his shoulder, craving publicity, or a mentally unbalanced individual who needs to be closely monitored. Whatever the case, he is a social outcast with very dangerous opinions. He has been arrested by the feds on a sealed indictment and hopefully (though I doubt it) they have something on him that will lead to a very long term association with the Department of Corrections.



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