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Army Vet to be Deported

Posted by shadmia on August 6, 2007


There are more than 30,000 non-citizens currently serving in the US army. Anslem Ifill, a native of Trinidad and legal US resident, served in the first Gulf War. He was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD. After his service, he got in trouble with the law and spent a number of years in prison. His story is not that unusual because almost half of the Vietnam veterans with PTSD have been arrested or jailed. What is unusual is that after serving his time he was detained by the immigration service for an additional three years and finally told he was to be deported. Anslem Ifill has spent 25 years in the US and served this country by putting his life on the line.

Is This His Reward for Loving this Country??



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6 Responses to “Army Vet to be Deported”

  1. Orlando Castaneda said

    My name is orlando j. castaneda and upon my return from iraq i came to find out that the ins had an outstanding warrant for my arrest since i never renewed my i-551 work permit in 05 while i was in Baghdad,Iraq so i could not renew it combat stops for noone man the ins , the army dropped the ball on my papper work and now my family and i are paying the price no one will hire me because of my status,i run the risk of losing our home,nobody gives a damn what went through in combat i never came illegally, i didn’t join for my citizenship , i joined so that oneday my children would look at as their own G.I. Joe and be proud that their father fights for those that can’t defend themselves. and now i can’t even provide for my kids now becuase of red tape. I did everything that was asked of me just so i could be a soldier . I paid fees endured racist comments upon my return from iraq people actually said go back to mexico you wetback but thats ok thats why i fought so that they can have the freedom to say what they want no matter how awful or disrespectful..well now the public attacks us soldiers worse than any insurgent and there is nothing i can do…so to my brother in arms anslem ifill please stay strong and don’t worry when these people run out of people that are willing to lay down their lives so that they can live in a country that gives so much but very few give back because only when their are no more heroes will they stop looking at immigrants and finally look at us as Human beings because regardless of where we come from we are all the same ……

  2. shadmia said

    I was really impressed with how you have handled your situation. Many people would be cussing everyone from the army on down. It is people like you that show what sacrifice is all about. I personally think that anyone who is willing to fight for this country deserves to automatically be a citizen. What more can you ask of anyone than to risk their life! You have done more for this country than most of its citizens. I sincerely hope that the powers that be will take a second look at your case and grant you full citizenship, as they should for all non-citizens who have served in the military.

  3. Boo Radley said

    I am actually sitting here right now in the process of handwriting a letter on Casteneda’s behalf. I was googling to find out which branch of the military he was in so I could put it in the letter, and this page came up.

    I just want to say to Mr. Castaneda, thank you for your service to your country. There are some of us who are pulling for you, saying prayers and writing letters. I’m against illegal immigration, but your service in Iraq should have won you your citizenship. We need more Americans like you, sir.

    Hang in there,
    B. Radley

  4. shadmia said

    Boo Radley,
    Thanks for your words of support to Mr. Castaneda. Like you said military service should be rewarded with automatic citizenship. Anyone who is willing to sign up and put their life on the line for this country is a hero in my book.

  5. Mario Coello said

    GUYS. Never bow down to any of these F_cking racist bastards that call themselves Americans. It’s sad to say that Obama is just a puppet still and I hope that he doesn’t get kill by any of these law enforcement radicals that sit in the legislative branch. He might be able to make some changes when it comes to “YA”. “It’s alright if you’re white.” Not all white or fair skinned people have the same luck, but most of them do. The ones that do even have communities and senators working for them in their deportation case. But to those whose last names, or to be more precisce, race is not caucacian, becareful for what you do. They don’t want us here, even if you are born here and served in the U.S. ARMED FORCES. As long as your background is from the “OTHER” race, like you see in any job application, and have immigrant parents, you just don`t belong here in the BRAIN WASHED land of milk and honey. You are not part of the big plan. Believe me if they could f_cking deport us all, they would. hang in there strong, and SPEAk UP. Someone will listen. Mario Coello M.O.H.

  6. pamela baker said

    This is not justice. I will be calling some eople today ie: senators & congressman

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