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Mom Takes Kids to Murder Teen

Posted by shadmia on July 18, 2007


Police said Eva Daley, 30, knew her son and the others planned to kill Jose Cano when she drove them to the park June 26. She is now back in jail at the Century Regional Detention Facility Center in Lynwood after a brief court appearance where she pleaded not guilty to murder in front of Judge Mark Kim. Her bail has been set at $1 million. Her next court appearance will be on Aug. 22. If convicted, Daley faces 35 years to life in prison for committing murder as part of gang activity.

According to reports Eva Daley drove her 14 year-old son and six of his friends aged 14-17 yrs-old, to 14th Street Park, Long Beach to kill 13 year-old Jose Cano in retaliation for a previous dispute. Milagros Mendoza, 14, a friend of Cano, was with him, his brother and a group of friends when they were attacked by another group of boys who ran out of an alley and came up behind Cano:

“They ran over, chasing him, and he tried to jump a fence, and he couldn’t,” she said. At that point, the boys descended on him, beating him with their fists, she said.

Cano managed to get away and started walking across the street, gripping his chest, Mendoza said. When he reached the edge of the park, she said, “he fell to the ground and all the guys ran back to the alley.”

Cano’s brother ran to help him while Mendoza called 911. But when an ambulance failed to appear after half an hour, a family friend drove the teenager to the hospital where he was pronounced dead after arriving at St. Mary Medical Center’s emergency room.

It appears as if Cano was a gang member, even though his family denies it. Both the police and prosecutors have identified him as such. He was sent to the Los Angeles County Probation Camp system and was enrolled in a school through the probation department. Whether or not Cano was a gang member should not matter his family insists:

“(Daley) took her kid to kill (Cano),” she said. “More than 15 people attacked him and stabbed him over and over … and she took them there to do it.”

Eva Daley is being held at the Century Regional Detention Facility Center in Lynwood while her son, and the other six youths, are all being held without bail at various Los Angeles County Juvenile Detention Centers, according to the DA’s office.


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One Response to “Mom Takes Kids to Murder Teen”

  1. Boris said

    It looks like the mom and the son both have single digit IQ’S!

    You go girl! Straight to hell! Lucifer is waiting for your azz!

    What a P.O.S.

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