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Sex on the Net VI

Posted by shadmia on July 12, 2007


Here are four sex-related stories that deserve mention. They run the gambit from serious to funny and embarrassing. Just goes to show how many different ways sex can be entertaining…….

Bible Rape

Abdul Reda Al-Shawany was sentenced for raping a woman whom he found reading the bible. The court was told that Al-Shawany visited the woman, an acquaintance, at Sydney’s Villawood Detention Centre with another man. The woman had been reading the Bible and Al-Shawany noted her contact with Christians. The men told her they were “infidel people” and if she went with them, her killing “would be halal” – meaning her killer would go to heaven.

In September 2002, Al-Shawany lured the woman to a unit at Warwick Farm, claiming to have news about her family in Iraq. She was hit on the head and had her hijab tied around her face before Al-Shawany raped her twice in what Judge Brian Knox described as a degrading, humiliating and brutal attack.

The woman who was a refugee from Iraq said that even when she was jailed by dictator Saddam Hussein, she never feared for her life the way she did after the rape. “It is better if I’m dead,” she told the court. She said her husband had refused to speak to her for months because of the shame she brought on the family. “I feel like a piece of dirt,” she wrote. “I came to Australia for freedom and Abdul Reda took my freedom away.”

Judge Knox said while sentencing Al-Shawany:

“What he did was an attempt to enforce his religious or cultural views on his former countrywoman,” Judge Knox said. “Such behaviour is completely intolerable and totally unacceptable in this community.” He sentenced Al-Shawany to a maximum seven-and-a-half years in jail.

Vibrator found in Victim

When I was young my mother would always say make sure you have on clean underwear, you never know what might happen. However mom would never in a million years think this could happen!!

A ipod-vibrator.jpgwoman was the victim of a hit and run. She was struck from behind by a motorcycle. She fell to the ground breaking her left arm. The impact also knocked her unconscious. Witnesses who saw the accident called the police. A small crowd around the lady had formed quickly. When the paramedics arrived they noticed that she had an iPod with two sets of wires. One running to her ears and the other running down her shorts. When they investigated they found that the wire running down her shorts was attached to a vibrator! According to one eyewitness: “This was a serious accident but when they pulled that vibrator hooked to her iPod out of her shorts you could see everyone’s faces turn red. “She was lucky she was still knocked out for the ride to the hospital. I don’t think I could have survived the embarrassment”.

Masturbation Marathon

Daniel Peter Blair was a man determined to continue to masturbate……no matter what happened. He went to visit his friend Kylie Louise Wilson, while at her house he took some amphetamines before having a shower. Whilst in the bathroom, Mr Blair, 32, began pleasuring himself, before moving to Wilson’s bedroom, where he rolled around naked on her bed and continued his lewd conduct. He returned to the bathroom for more and was busted by Wilson, who was attempting to bath her three-and-a-half year-old daughter. After he ignored her repeated requests to stop, Kylie Wilson went to the kitchen, found a knife and returned to stab Mr. Blair twice in the shoulder.

Crown prosecutors said Mr Blair paused only to put on his shorts and flee outside to wait for police to arrive, but was again overcome by the urge. “Despite his injury, it seems (Mr Blair) continued to masturbate while in the garage,” the prosecutor said. Police took him to hospital where he received treatment for the minor stab wounds.

Senior Judge Gilbert Trafford Walker accepted the Crown’s submission that Wilson had been subjected to “grossly offensive conduct … which in a moral sense amounts to extreme provocation.” He sentenced her to nine months’ jail but ordered that she be immediately released on parole.

Porn Star Sued over Name

It is a well known fact that Porn Stars don’t use their real names. So it was no surprise that when Lara Madden 25, decided to go into “the business” she used a stage name, something she thought would be alluring and distinctive. The name she chose and used in about a dozen x-rated movies was Syvette Wimberly. That is what got her into trouble. It turns out that not only is the name Syvette Wimberly not unique, but it belongs to a real person who used to be Lara’s classmate at Kingwood High School.

The real Syvette Wimberly is now suing Lara Madden for invasion of privacy and emotional distress, claiming that her name was stolen.

“Really on a weekly, if not daily basis, my client has had to deal with odd phone calls, former classmates that didn’t know her that well sending her e-mails about whether she’s now in the adult film industry and just a general lack of safety for her,” attorney Caj D. Boatwright said.

Wimberly is also suing Vivid Entertainment, the porn distributor that produced Madden’s videos. She’s asking for monetary damages and an injunction to stop Madden from using her name. Legal analyst Brian Wice said that’s an appeal likely to win sympathy from a jury if the case goes to trial.

“It’s not like they pulled the name “Jane Doe” or “Barbara Smith” out of thin air. They pulled a name that’s fairly peculiar to one woman in Harris County, Texas, and that’s the kind of coincidence or lack of coincidence that’s going to get somebody’s attention” Wice said.



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2 Responses to “Sex on the Net VI”

  1. jason dill said

    What a sad story. why cant young girls not go into porn? why are they so easily sueded by money and fame? this is a beautiful girl if you look for her pics on the internet. What a waste of a life and talent. her boyfriend or husband Alan Premel who is dating Laura Madden in a former CIA officer. its all over the internet. You would think that she would straighten her life up and start a family since she has a decent guy for once who will not treat her like a pornstar. So now my question is this. Who is the bigger badass at home, the Spy or the Pornstar. I guess only they really know. I am shooting for Jason Bourne myself over Jenna Jameson

  2. garron said

    What an odd story. Porn star stealing another girls name. Then it turns to some CIA covert story with some guy Alan Premel parralleling and being compared to Jason Bourne. after reading the above entry i had to also go check this out. She is a beautiful girl and her boyfriend or husband Alan Premel has over 40 million. why waste time doing porn movies. Marry him if you are not already married and move on with life. Have some respect for yourself. She can use the money to pay the real syvette for using her name.

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