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Teen Victim of Rape Commits Suicide

Posted by shadmia on July 4, 2007


David Ritcheson, 18, jumped 200 ft to his death in the Gulf of Mexico ending a short but tormented life. Just over a year ago (April 2006), David, a Mexican-American, was brutally raped by a pair of teens in a racist assault fueled by drugs and alcohol. Surprisingly, David gave no sign of the mental torment and agony he must have been enduring. He survived the assault and went on to testify before Congress about hate crimes and seemed to be getting his life back together.

Ritcheson’s body, mangled first by a savage assault that made national headlines and then by a 200-foot fall into the Gulf of Mexico, will make a slow final journey home and remain on board a cruise ship until it returns to Galveston on Thursday, the FBI said. There the Galveston County Medical Examiner’s office will conduct an autopsy and the FBI its own investigation.

David Ritcheson’s ordeal began in April 2006, when he went to his friend (Gus Sons) house accompanied by David Henry Tuck and Keith Robert Turner. An altercation occurred between Tuck, Turner and Ritcheson. Tuck punched Ritcheson so hard that it broke Ritcheson’s cheekbone and knocked him unconscious. What followed was a terribly brutal attack on the teenager:

Tuck and Turner dragged the teenager outside, and for the next five hours stripped him naked, burned the victim with cigarettes, choked him with a gardening hose and proceeded to engrave a swastika into the victim’s chest, Tuck kicked Ritcheson with steel-toed boots, and furthermore violently kicked a PVC pipe up his rectum several inches while yelling racial slurs. After the sodomy ended, the perpetrators poured bleach on the victim’s body to conceal the evidence of the crime. According to County prosecutor Mike Trent, the attackers may have poured bleach inside the pipe as high levels of toxins were found in the boy’s organs.

David Ritcheson spent the next three months in hospital undergoing 40 surgeries. In December 2006, Tuck and Turner were both convicted of aggravated sexual assault. Tuck, who was described by prosecutors as a white supremacist, was sentenced to life in prison, and Turner was sentenced to 90 years. Ritcheson eventually recovered from his physical injuries but refused all attempts to provide psychological counseling for the emotional and mental scars left by the attack.

“It seemed to everyone that David was climbing back to normalcy in his life,” lawyer Carlos Leon said at a news conference. “What we’ve learned from this is he just internalized his pain.”

Before he jumped, members of the crew of the Carnival cruise ship Ecstasy and his friends tried to convince Ritcheson not to jump. They talked to him for about an hour before he finally jumped, ending all his suffering.



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6 Responses to “Teen Victim of Rape Commits Suicide”

  1. nightcats said

    How sad. As Robert Burns said, Man’s inhumanity to man
    Makes countless thousands mourn!

  2. kcollins09 said

    finally dray is resting..

    we miss and love you baby.. watch over us..

  3. carmen said

    i am so sad, i just read this account for the first time…i’m not in disbelief….just sad…as i read the account, i am overwhelmed..i have three sons….they are dark skinned mexican american boys…and their safety is my main concern…this just has disturbed me…
    my sincere condolences to the family…this is a loss for all of us…..

  4. Dee said

    I feel so sorry for this young man. The story brings tears to my eyes. White people are sick, obsessed with sexual torture and evil. I hate to say it but it seems to be true. Not all are nuts but he potential is there. When they do criminal acts such as these, the extreme is unconscionable. Like the girl in West Virginia recently, who was tortured for at least one week. The heinous nature of the crimes they perpetrate are just plain evil. Are there any accounts of other races torturing someone for 5 hours. Jeez Louise, how sick is that? But then, look at the MS 13 Hispanics in New Jersey who shot those 4 black kids execution style and then tried to machete off their faces. What in the heck is going on? Satan is alive and well and his minions determine the fates of good people. My condolences to the family.

  5. Sally said

    “White people are sick, obsessed with sexual torture and evil. I hate to say it but it seems to be true.”

    I love how some people can take something like that and generalize a whole race of people based on it. So, I suppose that means every other person of every other race is also evil? Because in case you hadn’t notice there are people of all races and genders in jail.. it’s not just white people.

  6. cookinsweet said

    About to take my first cruise and my thoughts are on David. I’m thankful we’re not on his ship…not sure I would not be haunted by his tragic end more than I already am. My children knew him, one of my daughters tutored him. They also knew the monsters who brutally attacked him…all they could say is they found those 2 thugs “scary”. We have since moved from Spring but often wonder how his family is. His friends.
    He is not forgotten.

    To the comments about the evil of whites. There is evil in the human race. It does not segregate whites, hisbanics, asians or blacks. Thank God it is a small population that embrace evil. Most of us are loving, giving and kind people.

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