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Sex on the Net V

Posted by shadmia on June 28, 2007

The Sex on the Net series continues with more, sometimes unbelievable, situations people find themselves involved in and some new “clothes” available for sale.

Porn Star gets Trooper Suspended

  • Trooperbarbie-cummings.jpgjames-randy-moss.jpg James Randy Moss of the Tennessee Highway Patrol has been suspended from active duty while an investigation is conducted into his activities with porn star Barbie Cummings, during a recent traffic stop. Ms. Cummings (her real name is Justis Richert) also is a blogger and has her own website. According to her blog after being stopped by the trooper for speeding he found drugs in her car (her “happy” pills) and during questioning learned she was a porn star. He asked if he could see her website and they looked it up on his state-issued laptop computer in his patrol car. After throwing away her “happy pills”, he asked her to perform a “sex act” on him, which she did and during the course of “the act” pictures and short video clips were recorded using a hand-held camera. Even though the trooper is in a lot of trouble over this incident, Ms. Cummings did not get off lightly……..she still got a $180 speeding ticket!
  • In an update to this story James Randy Moss resigned before he could be fired saying that he didn’t want to “further discredit or embarrass the THP”. However, Assistant District Attorney General David Durham is in the process of building a criminal case against Moss. Investigators are also looking into a series of complaints from other women against Moss, which have come up since the story broke.

Sex Addict fired for “Self-Medicating” …. Sues IBM

  • James Pacenzacomputer.jpg, 58, is suing for $5 million saying he was addicted to online chat rooms and that IBM should have offered him sympathy and treatment instead of firing him. The Vietnam War veteran says he has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder since 1969. He argues that he used the internet to control his psychological problems. He says that his psychological problems have left him addicted to sex, especially adult internet chat rooms. When a fellow employee at IBM told managers that Mr Pacenza was visiting such sites while at work, he was fired. The stated reason was that he visited an internet chat site for a sexual experience after he had previously been warned.James Pacenza’s lawyers will argue in court that their client was using the internet to self-medicate as a way of controlling his post traumatic stress disorder. They will also argue that Mr Pacenza’s claimed addiction to adult internet sites should be treated in the same way as other employees’ addictions to drugs or alcohol. The case, which has been postponed, has potential implications for employers across America and their attitude towards regulating how employees use workplace computers.

Mom Puts Daughters to “Work”

  • Nelsi Yolanda Latuda and her boyfriend, Pedro Espinoza-Escama, are charged with two counts each of compelling prostitution of a minor. They were ordered held in lieu of bail totaling $20,000 each. Nelsi’s 16-year-old daughter, who had endured being sold into prostitution, finally went to the Huston police after seeing her younger sister also forced to perform sex acts. Nelsi Latunda, 35, is the girls’ mother, but they are not related to Espinoza-Escama, who is 21.

    “They were interrogated, and they confessed to forcing the juveniles into prostitution,” police spokesman Victor Senties said.

    The prostitution scheme went on for months. Latuda and her boyfriend printed and passed out business cards near their northwest Houston home, offering the girls for sex. The pair arranged meetings and delivered the girls. Police said Latuda and her daughters are from Honduras and have lived in Houston for about two years. The two girls are now staying with relatives. Harris County Assistant District Attorney Justin Wood said:

    “I have never dealt with a case where biological children were being prostituted out by their own mother.”

No More Panty Lines or Tan Lines!!

  • Kiss goodbye to panty-lines and tan-lines with the incredible C-String Invisible Underwear!

    “When I try on an evening dress, I am impressed,” says Alice Smellie in the Daily Mail. “Normally I can see the smallest of thongs, but with the C-string nothing is visible, and the dress does look more elegant than usual.”

    Thec-string.jpgc-string-and-bra.jpg C-String is a completely new and exciting innovation in lingerie. It fits your figure with no need for side-straps! It has a flexible internal frame that hugs and holds it to the body both securely and comfortably. Your modesty remains safely covered at all times. At the front it looks like sexy underwear, to the rear it has a thong-style strip, and to the sides it has nothing at all! Out and about: the C-String can be worn under all your favourite clothes: dresses, skirts, jeans. On the beach: the C-String can be worn alone as beachwear for the perfect all-round tan. Forget the bikini the C-Kini is where it’s at! Inc-sting-i.jpg the bedroom: the C-String is ultra-sexy lingerie!



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