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Bob Woolmer was NOT Murdered

Posted by shadmia on June 14, 2007


Initial reports that Bob Woolmer, Pakistan’s cricket coach, was killed in Jamaica, were wrong. This was the conclusion of three international pathologists from Britain, South Africa and Canada who performed independent autopsies on the body. The three all agreed that Bob Woolmer died from heart failure.

“Taking into account his medical history and the findings of the autopsy, it looks very certainly like it’s a cardiac cause of death,” said Martin, who is head of forensic medicine and toxicology at the University of Cape Town, in a phone interview.

As a result of these findings the murder investigation has been closed. However the Jamaican pathologist, Dr Ere Seshaiah, who did the initial autopsy that prompted the opening of the murder investigation is sticking by his report despite the findings of the three international experts:

“I am sticking to my findings. He was murdered,” Dr Ere Seshaiah told The Jamaica Observer. “Woolmer is not a first for me,” he said. “I have been doing autopsies here since 1995.”

A Jamaican opposition lawmaker, Derrick Smith has called for the firing of Dr. Eke Seshaiah implying his incompetence:

“He led the investigation team down a wrong path,” Derrick Smith said in a television interview outside parliament. “Now that we have found out that he has made an error, he should be terminated.”

National Security Minister Peter Phillips announced in parliament the government will set up a commission to review the investigation into Woolmer’s death. The commission will assess the “appropriateness of the techniques and the standards of professionalism employed by the police investigators as well as the medical and other professional personnel,” Phillips said.

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