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Scooter Libby to go to Jail

Posted by shadmia on June 7, 2007

On March 6, 2007, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby was convicted of four out of five felonies; two counts of perjury, one count of making false statements to FBI agents and one count of obstructing justice. For this on June 5, 2007, he was sentenced to 30 months in prison and fined $250,000.

Now the questions begin. Libby will appeal the verdict. Can he avoid prison during the appeal process? Will Bush pardon him? What role will politics play in all of this?

As U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton imposed the sentence and a $250,000 fine, he said his decision came “with a sense of sadness” because he was torn between admiration and disappointment. “I have the highest respect for people who take positions in our government and [try] … to protect this country,” he said. At the same time, the judge said, “I also think it is important we expect and demand a lot from people who put themselves in those positions. Mr. Libby failed to meet the bar.”

Judge Reggie Walton did not immediately send Mr. Libby to prison. The decision on whether he can remain free while appealing the sentence will be delivered next week.

“The American people were reminded that even people in power, with friends in high places are not above the law”……Katie Couric, CBS news:

“From the White House to the Big House”….Keith Olbermann on Libby’s sentence, MSNBC



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One Response to “Scooter Libby to go to Jail”

  1. ed pefferman said

    Scooter Libby should be shot as a traitor, not jailed as a liar.

    His boss, ElDuce should be shot and then hung from a lamp post

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