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Kids on the Campaign Trail

Posted by shadmia on May 13, 2007


How do the various candidates vying for the Presidency of the US see the role of their children in the campaign? The following is a look at how some have dealt with this situation:

  • Hillary Clinton
    • The Clinton’s only child is Chelsea Clinton. She could make history as being the only child to have both her father and her mother as President. She is now 27 years old, single and dating Marc Mezvinsky. She works for Avenue Capital a New York-based hedge fund. So far Chelsea has not been involved much in the campaign. She recently joined her parents onstage at a campaign fundraiser in Manhattan, but did not address the audience. She may become more active as the campaign progresses. “She has got her own life to live. She works. She does her own range of other activities,” Hillary Clinton said in a CNN interview. “She cares a lot about politics and she wants her mom to win. But she has got a life to live and we don’t want to interrupt that.”
  • Barack Obama
    • Barack Obama has two young daughters, Malia 8yrs old and Natasha 5yrs old. Both of them have appeared at his campaign kickoff but have otherwise been shielded from the spotlight. It remains to be seen how often they will appear in public.
  • John Edwards
    • The Edwards have four children Wade, Cate, Emma Claire and Jack. They lost Wade, the eldest, to a car accident in 1986. John Edwards has appeared often with his two younger kids aged 9 and 7. Cate is a 25 year old Harvard Law student. She has made campaign appearances for her father.
  • John McCain
    • John McCain married twice and has seven children between the two marriages, three of whom have been adopted. Two of his sons John and James are both serving in the military. His children have been supportive and have appeared on the campaign trail with him.
  • Rudy Giuliani
    • Rudy Giuliani has two children Andrew 21, and Caroline 18. He has acknowledged his estrangement from his children.
  • Mitt Romney
    • Mitt Romney has five sons. They are all heavily involved in their father’s campaign. They are even publishing a joint campaign blog in support of the campaign it is called



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