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Cho Seung-Hui Update

Posted by shadmia on April 19, 2007


Cho Seung-Hui did something interesting after killing his first two victims and before continuing the massacre at Virginia Tech. He stopped at the Post Office and mailed to NBC studios a “multi-media manifesto” containing photos and videos and a lengthy document in an attempt to justify his actions. NBC issued a caveat before revealing part of what was in the envelope:

“We are sensitive to how all of this will be seen by those affected and we know we are in effect airing the words of a murderer here tonight”

In the mostly incoherent video Cho Seung-Hui claims he was forced into doing what he did.

“You forced me into a corner and gave me only one option,” Cho says emotionally in the video clip. “The decision was yours. Now you have blood on your hands that will never wash off.”

Click Here to See the NBC Video Report by Brian Williams



It was also evident the Cho Seung-Hui also had psychological problems. Cho was accused of stalking two women in November and December 2005. After the second stalking complaint, the university obtained a temporary detention order and took Cho away because an acquaintance reported he might be suicidal, authorities said. Police did not identify the acquaintance.

On Dec. 13, 2005, a magistrate ordered Cho to undergo an evaluation at Carilion St. Albans, a private psychiatric hospital. The magistrate signed the order after an initial evaluation found probable cause that Cho was a danger to himself or others as a result of mental illness. The next day, according to court records, doctors at Carilion conducted further examination and a special justice, Paul M. Barnett, approved outpatient treatment.

Other evidence of Cho’s mental instability appeared in two of his plays written in a play-writing class. One play was about a step father who raped his step son, laced with obscenity and violence. The other was about fantasizing how to kill a teacher who was a pedophile. Professor Carolyn Rude, chairwoman of the university’s English department, said Cho’s writing was so disturbing that he had been referred to the university’s counseling service.

“Sometimes, in creative writing, people reveal things and you never know if it’s creative or if they’re describing things, if they’re imagining things or just how real it might be,” Rude said. “But we’re all alert to not ignore things like this.”

Lucinda Roy, professor of English at Virginia Tech, said that she, too, relayed her concerns to campus police and various other college units after Cho displayed antisocial behavior in her class and handed in disturbing writing assignments. But she said authorities “hit a wall” in terms of what they could do “with a student on campus unless he’d made a very overt threat to himself or others.” Cho resisted her repeated suggestion that he undergo counseling, Roy said. “I wish I could have lifted him up bodily and taken him. I would have done it if I could,” she said.

Two of Cho’s roommates gave an interview on CNN about what it was like living in the same dorm with him.

Below is part 1 of the interview.

To see the rest of the interview, broken up into three more parts, click on the links provided:

Roommates Pt2, Roommates Pt3, Roommates Pt4

A survivor of the massacre, Garrett Evans, gives a description of what happened from his hospital bed.



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2 Responses to “Cho Seung-Hui Update”

  1. phil said

    Cho Seung Hui, a man who will be remembered for planning and carrying out the worst mass murder by gunfire in American history, apparently made what may have been his own strange ‘romantic’ attempts to show admiration for a female student via instant messaging. The female student felt the instant messages were ‘creepy’ (she is unidentified and does not wish to talk at this time -so let’s hope the media leaves her alone) and she filed a complaint.

    What no one seems to be talking about is:
    Cho Seung Hui’s Instant Messages included lines from Shakespheare’s Romeo and Juliet.

    Who thinks that they would be creeped out by this? BTW, this is an exclusive because CNN missed a huge part of the story. How, I don’t know.

  2. Caiity baby said

    Its not about the shakeperean contexts in the writing, or the meticulous planning, or the parcel sent to NBC. 33 People are dead, 33 families are mourning, and thousands if not millions of people around the world confused and saddened. Discussing his antics after death will not resolve the problem. Its not about understanding what type of person he was, its about understanding killers mind in general. Enforcing stronger gun laws, not issuing F.O.I.D cards to 11 month old babies as seen in news papers.

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