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Don Imus to Meet Rutgers Team

Posted by shadmia on April 11, 2007


Don Imus has repeatedly said he would like to meet with the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team to apologise for calling them “nappy-headed hos”. It now looks like that will happen some time soon.

“We all agreed the meeting with Mr. Imus will help,” Essence Carson, the team’s captain, said. “We do hope to get something accomplished during this meeting.”

Whether or not his apology will be accepted is still in doubt.

At a press conference the coach of the Rutgers team, C. Vivian Stringer, gave an impassioned speech about the effects the Don Imus incident has had on them.

We have all been physically, mentally and emotionally spent, so hurt by the remarks that were uttered by Mr. Imus…….We had to experience racist and sexist remarks that are deplorable, despicable and abominable and unconscionable and it hurts me……I would ask you whether you’re a businessman, whether you’re a camera person, whether you’re a government official whatever, who amongst you could have heard the comments and not be personally offended. It’s not about the Rutgers Basketball team, it’s about women, are women hos? Think about that, would you have wanted your daughter to be called that? It’s not about they as Black people or as nappy headed it’s about us as a people black, white, purple or green…….If we can tolerate as a society what has just taken place, the remarks that have been directed toward young women, I don’t know how anyone could have heard this and have not been personally hurt and offended….these young ladies have done nothing wrong.

Rutgers Basketball Team Conference Part 1

Rutgers Basketball Team Conference Part 2

The Don Imus show will be suspended for two weeks beginning April 16. Imus called the punishment appropriate but stressed, “I am not a racist.”

“What I did was make a stupid, idiotic mistake in a comedy context,” Imus said on his show Tuesday morning, the final week before his suspension starts.


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