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Strange on the Net

Posted by shadmia on April 9, 2007

The Internet is a wonderful place to find anything and I do mean everything. Here are some things that might amuse you, shock you or just plain entertain you.

Did you know that Karl Rove is planning a second career as a rap artist? He even has his new name picked out…..MC Rove! He made his debut at the Correspondents Dinner recently. See the video below:

Presenting MC Rove

Have you heard that Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones once smoked cocaine laced with his dead Dad’s ashes. After making this claim Richards later said he was only joking. Conan O’Brien, trying to get at the truth, did the following interview with Keith Richards:

Conan and Keith

Now lets hear from a Real Animal:

And last but not least some Toilet Humor

So China has gone and added another aspect to the toilet experience. So watch out for the next time someone asks if you have to go number 1 or 2, cause they could reply number three:

The Enema.


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2 Responses to “Strange on the Net”

  1. You know, I love the MC Rove video!

    I talked about it on my blog, because I am News / Political Blogger.

    Asher Heimermann

  2. shadmia said

    Thanks for the comment. I really enjoyed it too, and by the way good luck with your presidential ambitions!!

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