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The Clinton Money Machine

Posted by shadmia on April 2, 2007


The Hillary Clinton campaign announced that for the first quarter 2007 new contributions to her Presidential bid totaled $26 million. She also transferred $10 million from her Senate campaign for a total of $36 million. John Edwards came in a distant but still impressive second with $14 million in new contributions. Barak Obama has not yet announced his totals but is expected to come in somewhere between Clinton and Edwards.

Clinton seems to be well on the way to achieving her goal of $75 million by the end of the year. Former Federal Election Commission Chairman Michael Toner, a Republican, said Clinton is on track to raise a record $100 million this year. “The question is going to be which other campaign can join her at that level,” he said.

Clinton’s total, helped by her Senate campaign transfer and inflated by the unknown amount for the general election, exceeds the $31 million that all presidential candidates reported raising in the first three months of 2003.


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One Response to “The Clinton Money Machine”

  1. Cedric said

    I believe a NYTimes article I read earlier said Hillary came in with nearly 11 million dollars from her Senate run. My darkhorse Dodd only nabbed $4 million.

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