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Both US and Iran disliked by Arabs

Posted by shadmia on April 1, 2007


In a recent poll conducted in five Arab countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon) both the US and Iran are seen as having a negative influence on Iraq. The negatives for the US is higher but Iran seems to be catching up as more countries become wary of the Iranian influence in the region.

Negative Views of the roles of the US and Iran in Iraq

Saudi Arabia …. US = 68%, Iran = 78%
Egypt……………. US = 83%, Iran = 66%
Jordan …………….. US = 96%, Iran = 73%

The new survey, which was based on interviews with 3,400 Arabs in the five countries between late February and early March, also found the greatest fear about Iraq was the possible consequences of civil war there. They feared that either the war in Iraq was going to spill over into neighboring countries or that Iraq would be split up.

Even though Iran’s negatives are rising there is more support for its nuclear program:
Six of every ten respondents in that poll said they believed that Iran had the right to pursue its nuclear program even if its aim was to develop nuclear weapons

Most countries do not see Iran as a threat: Asked to name the two greatest external threats to their countries’ security, close to 80 percent named Israel and the U.S. — only six percent cited Iran as one of the two.

Arab public opinion favors a relatively quick U.S. withdrawal from Iraq: Nearly three out of every four respondents in Egypt and Jordan said they favored an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops, while large pluralities in the other three countries favored that option


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