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Murder in Jamaica

Posted by shadmia on March 25, 2007


Bob Woolmer, coach of the Pakistan Cricket team, was found murdered in his hotel room in Kingston, Jamaica. The Jamaican police said the cause of death was: “Due to asphyxia as a result of manual strangulation” In these circumstances, the matter of Mr Robert Woolmer’s death is now being treated by Jamaica police as a case of murder.

Mr Woolmer was found “lifeless” by a maid in the bathroom of his room at the Pegasus Kingston hotel. The former England all-rounder, a diabetic, was surrounded by blood, vomit and diarrhoea. Much of the vomit was sprayed high on the walls, suggesting a violent struggle.

Mark Shields, the Deputy Police Commissioner in Kingston and a former Scotland Yard detective, said there was no sign of forced entry into Mr Woolmer’s hotel bedroom, nor had his possessions been disturbed, increasing speculation that he was killed by people he knew. It was likely more than one killer was involved in the “particularly horrific” murder. “It would take some force because Bob was a large man and, therefore, it would have taken some significant force to subdue him.” He added: “We do not know how many people there were in the room.”

All the guests at the hotel were interviewed by the police, including the entire Pakistani Cricket team. The team was allowed to leave Jamaica the next day after leaving DNA samples and fingerprints with the authorities. The police however have no witnesses nor suspects at this stage of the investigation.

There are suspicions that Mr. Woolmer may have been murdered to prevent him from exposing illegal activities in the cricket world involving corruption and match-fixing.

Malcolm Speed, chief executive of the International Cricket Council (ICC), would not rule out corruption as a motive. “We don’t know whether this is corruption-related at this stage,” he said. “We believe that in the past few years we have been able to keep corruption under control.”

Mr Speed said that Lord Condon the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Paul Condon, was standing by and willing to assist with the inquiry. He has been involved with helping the ICC to fight corruption within the sport.

Mr. Bob Woolmer leaves behind a wife and two children. His body will remain in Jamaica until an inquest is held. For more on Bob Woolmer’s life and career check out his official website here


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