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The Karl Rove Factor

Posted by shadmia on March 16, 2007


Karl Rove seems to be involved in everything Republican and now his name is appearing in every Republican scandal. From Scooter Libby to Alberto Gonzales, Karl Rove is there. He is the Deputy Chief of Staff to President Bush and has been credited with both Bush elections. He is the face of Republican politics and is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe.

So it is no real surprise that Karl had a hand in, or at least knowledge of, the firing of the eight Attorney’s General that has landed Alberto Gonzales in hot water with Congress. The Karl Rove factor is explored by Keith Olbermann in this two part video clip.

Karl Rove Part 1

Karl Rove Part 2


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One Response to “The Karl Rove Factor”

  1. ed said

    Karl…where are you…we’ve got subpoenas…

    (From Salon, LMFAO)

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