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Kenneth Eng – In His Own Words

Posted by shadmia on March 8, 2007


Kenneth Eng has finally come out to express his views in his own words, well sort of…..He was interviewed on “The Big Story With John Gibson” on Fox News. For a transcript of the interview click here.

The one thing about the interview that impressed me was his ability to turn the question: “Why do you hate Blacks?” into a discussion about his science fiction writings and every time John Gibson tried to get a straight answer out of him he went back to referencing his dragons.

At one point he asked John Gibson……you probably want to know why I call myself the god of the universe as well… which Gibson replied……No, I wasn’t going to ask you about that. Well Kenneth wasn’t going to let that stop him from answering his own question.

“if there is such a thing as god, then he’s me. Either worship me or, you know, forsake religion.”

Here is a video clip of the interview


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