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Giving Pot to Kids

Posted by shadmia on March 7, 2007


This is something that makes you do a double take. Two teenagers giving kids, aged 2 and 5, marijuana to smoke…..and videotaping it. Both teens Demetrius McCoy, 17, and Vanswan Colty, 18, were arrested and each held on $150,000 bail on charges related to injury to a child.

The mother of the toddlers, Shatorria Russell, 21, said she was at home at the time of the incident, but in another room. She said she was devastated to see her brother, Demetrius McCoy, giving marijuana to her two kids but nevertheless defended him saying “I know he don’t mean to never hurt my children”
The toddlers have been removed from the home and placed in foster care. Child welfare officials are looking for relatives to take care of the kids, so far unsuccessfully.

Shirley Russell, Demetrius McCoy’s grandmother and the kids great-grandmother said she was at work when the incident occurred:

“I’m very upset about it. I didn’t raise them like that and they know I didn’t raise them like that,” Shirley Russell said. “I feel terrible about it, it’s outrageous, all the things that went on and I didn’t know nothing about them.”

Russell agrees her grandson needs to be punished, but said her primary concern getting the two children out of foster care.

“I’m really concerned, I know that was wrong for them to do that,” Russell said. “I work hard every day and I try to give them whatever they need, so I just hope they come back here.”

Police Chief Bruce Ure of the Watauga Police Department was obviously upset over the incident:

“In 25 years, I have never seen anything remotely close to this, It’s disturbing,” Ure said. “I’ve never seen a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old coached into smoking marijuana. The 2-year-old child, he’s actually inhaling it. He’s got a raspy voice. He gives all the indications that this is not his first time, which is incredibly sad.”

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