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Who is Kenneth Eng?

Posted by shadmia on March 6, 2007


The following was taken directly from Kenneth Eng’s own blog and presumably written by Kenneth himself.

Kenneth C. Eng is the youngest published science fiction novelist in America. He has written the novels Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate, The 0th Dimension and Reincarnation. His work has been published in Philosophy Today, Bewildering Stories Science Fiction Magazine,, Newsday and a few minor magazines. Formerly, he worked at Marvel Comics, Paramount Pictures and Crossroads Films. Graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Presently 22 years of age.
Ascertaining absolute certainty in the universe, creating balanced symmetry and aesthetics in the cosmos, striving against the mass of conformity that is the flesh all around me, and writing.

He apparently left out a few things about himself:

He is a Racist who hates just about everybody who is non-Asian and even some Asians as well. He has written a number of articles about race hatred: 1. Why I Hate Black People 2. Proof that Whites Inherently Hate Us 3.Why I Hate Asians all of which have been published by AsianWeek magazine.

He is omnipotent and calls himself God of the Universe: From Foreword magazine

“Reincarnation is not limited in time, space and material,” says Eng. “I could essentially be anyone living in the present, past, or future, or any imaginary being drawn from the Omnitemporal Realm. All consciousness is one. I am in everyone, friend or foe.”

He is an Atheist: Religion is for the Inferior

“Religion is sick. Religion is disgusting. Anyone who practices religion should be forced to wear a shirt that says “stupid”. I’m not fu*king joking. I’m really serious.”

He likes to Masturbate: Religion is for the Inferior

“I don’t know about you, but I masturbate all the time. It’s not going to affect me in any way, aside from making me need to take baths more often”

He may be Mentally Ill: Diary of an Attack
The police sent him to hospital TWICE after being involved in a fight:

“However, instead of arresting any of the attackers, they had me sent to a hospital. Not because I was injured, but because they thought I was insane. (I have a voice recording of one of the officers admitting this.)
I lectured him as well about how he should perform his duties, and then I commanded that he tell me why nothing was done. Instead of giving me an answer, he (not surprisingly) called the hospital again to have me institutionalized.”

His views got him in trouble at school: Discrimination Against Asians

I was later asked to speak to the Tisch Chairman David Irving about my conflicts. At first, he seemed like a rational man who could be reasoned with. However, when the conversation shifted to my controversial views, I told him that I thought Hitler was not a coward and that African Americans were receiving unfair aid from the American government at the expense of Asian Americans. He immediately called the dean, furiously wanting to get me expelled. In fact, when I spoke to Irving again, he blatantly informed me of his own orders to have professors watch out for and report any of my renegade activities. As if it weren’t bad enough that students were stalking me, I now had professors who were watching me as well. The only person who wasn’t going after my head was the dean.

He is Pro-Suicide: Suicide the Healthiest Choice

When most people hear of suicide, they typically think of depressed losers, misfortune, injustice and other negative things. What most people don’t realize is that suicide is not necessarily something unfavorable. In fact, it can be a useful tool. I’m not trying to be cynical here; nor am I ranting. I am simply trying to elucidate a point I have made in many of my books – a life without a mission is one not worth living. I say if you’re going to be alive, do what you really want to do, and if you lose, shoot yourself. It’s better than hanging onto existence for no reason other than to exist.

I am not sure if Kenneth Eng is mentally unbalanced or just living in his own little fantasy world. There is an article by “The Wily Filipino” that attempts a two-part analysis of Kenneth Eng. Click on the following links: Kenneth Eng part1 and Kenneth Eng part2


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6 Responses to “Who is Kenneth Eng?”

  1. A Black Muse said

    yeah, he CLAIMS that at 20 he was the youngest published sci-fi author, but a man, a BLACK man, born in 1942 was published and acclaimed by his peers over 40 years ago. And when I say peers, I don’t mean his plushie friends.
    And when I say published, I mean he was accepted by a real publisher, not some vanity press.

  2. Trin said

    There is nothing bad about being Atheist… But being a jerk about it is just makes us look like a bunch of high-and-mighty know-it-alls. But anyways he’s being kicked around most of the internets. :3 Well his plushies will never hate him.
    Oh you may want to add philosopher to your list

    On his Search Suggestions made on Amazon
    Shows on searches for “philosophy”
    Why is this item relevant? “Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate is a highly philosophical story. It contains what the author believes to be the meaning of life, as well as metaphysical riddles that will leave the reader with more questions than answers. This book makes the Matrix look like childsplay. Truthseekers must have it.”

    :0 How will I live with out this book????

  3. shadmia said

    Trin…..There is nothing bad about being an Atheist. But how can one be an Atheist and “God” at the same time? He calls himself “God of the Universe”

  4. shadmia said

    A Black Muse……..Thanks for your comments and link. I was not aware of Samuel R Delany.

  5. No One said

    Y’know, I’m almost sure that Kenneth wrote all of that partly in jest. Also, I wouldn’t call him a racist considering he hates non-Asians and Asians alike. He is prejudiced, sure, but that prejudice goes beyond the race issue.

  6. A Black Muse said

    Queens, NY – Wanna-Be NYU Killer Arrested
    Queens, NY – The hatemonger that boasted that he wanted to terrorize New York University just like Virginia Tech, as was reported here, was arrested so he would be behind bars during NYU’s graduation today.

    Kenneth Eng, 23, was arrested near his home in Fresh Meadows and is being charged with menacing. He has threatened to kill a neighbor and had gone onto her property with a hammer, NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said.
    “I was planing on going to NYU and going on a rampage. The only thing that stopped me was that I couldn’t afford a gun,” Eng said. [NY Post]

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