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Kenneth “Why I Hate Blacks” Eng Fired

Posted by shadmia on March 3, 2007


Kenneth Eng, author of the now infamous column “Why I Hate Blacks” has been fired from the AsianWeek. He will no longer be writing for the magazine according to the Editor at large Ted Fang who issued the following statement:

“The failing of our editorial process in allowing this piece to go forward was an insensitive and callous mistake that should never have been made by our publication,” Fang said.”As a publication whose motto is (to be) the voice of the Asian American community, we are humbled and overwhelmed at reader response not only chastising our editorial process but strongly urging our paper to sever all ties to this contributor.”

The paper will take “full responsibility for the mistake we made, apologize for the publication of the piece, and assure it will not happen again. Promotion of hate speech of any kind cannot and will not be tolerated.”

Some thought that just firing Kenneth Eng did not go far enough and were looking for more comprehensive action by the magazine:

“We think the editor responsible for green-lighting the column should be removed,” said Keith Kamisugi of the Equal Justice Society, one of the sponsors of a petition demanding that AsianWeek terminate Eng, counter the column in print and review its processes.

“Removing Eng was a small part of the problem. We are looking for journalistic responsibility at AsianWeek,” he said.

Kenneth Eng has also previously written other inflammatory pieces which were published by AsianWeek. When Ted Fang was asked why Kenneth was allow to write such pieces as “Why I Hate Asians” and “Proof That Whites Inherently Hate Us,” he would only say that the editorial decision process was under review.

The entire episode, especially given Kenneth Eng’s history of writing racist columns, raises the suspicion that there may be others in the Asian community and elsewhere that share his views. It certainly seems like at best there is very little oversight as to what gets published and at worst there may be collusion between some of those responsible for the “editorial process” who may sympathize with the views expressed by Eng.

David Lee of the Chinese American Voters Education Committee acknowledges that some negative sentiments towards race exist within the Asian community:

“There is a segment that feels the way Eng does, but that sentiment is underground and not brought to the surface. “If you don’t have a discussion, then I think it allows these types of views to fester and turn into something much more negative,” he adds. “Rather than refute and bury this, we should be calling for a community dialogue to address this.”

Ling-chi Wang, who for years led the ethnic studies department at the University of California at Berkeley said there is an urgent need for Asian Americans to be aware of the history of the U.S. and to realize that Asian American gains have come largely as a result of the efforts of black people.

David Lee in agreement also said: “We owe a great debt to African-Americans, and that lesson may not be known because the vast majority of new immigrants to the Asian-American community have come in the last 15 to 20 years, post-civil rights. You also have a generation that was born post-civil rights.”


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3 Responses to “Kenneth “Why I Hate Blacks” Eng Fired”

  1. A Black Muse said

    True, the civil rights movement wasn’t just fought for Black people. It also educated the nation. It showed people the truth to those who didn’t know or believe how inhumanely minorities were being treated. It also showed America that we, as intelligent human beings, were capable of fighting for our rights, survival and education. Eng’s articles reflect a very disturbed mind, but did bring out the fact that there is tension between Blacks and Asians. I have been fortunate to have never really experienced it, but apparently it’s out there. Do people ever wonder who it is that REALLY wants us to hate each other?

    When slavery was abolished, Blacks were set free. But free to do what and go where? People weren’t quick to start paying for Black labour simply because a law was passed, so that cause a survival issue. Slaves were murdered for learning how or teaching others to read. Many began sharecropping which was little better and sometimes worse than slavery. Another option was to join with the Native Americans. Uh ohhhhh. Now, the Indian warriors were strong on their own, but what would have happened if they also had the strength of newly freed slaves? Ah, but they already knew what would happen. Before the Civil War, runaway slaves also went SOUTH, formed a alliances with the Creeks and Seminoles in Florida and returned to wage the Seminole Wars fought in Georgia, Florida and Alabama. So to prevent further alliances the US government pulled the ol’ divide and conquer thing by enlisting newly freed slaves into the calvary to fight against the Indians. Some of these soldiers didn’t fall for the anti-Indian hype and either chased them away or shot over their heads, but after awhile this practiced became punishable by death and the Buffalo Soldiers were forced to kill, some deserted the calvary and joined with the Indians.
    Now, what would happen if Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Native Americans, etc started getting along? What if we stopped battling over the crumbs tossed at us and started creating some REAL abundance for ourselves?
    (oops, a klansman just wet himself)
    And what if white people realized that most of them are sinking in the same rocky boat as the rest of us?
    Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

  2. Maurice Carver said

    I read the article and thought it might be an opportunity for the two communities to talk to each other. I filmed a segment with Mr Floyd Mori of the Japanese American Citizens League. We posted 2 segments on YouTube and here are the links. Please view them and express you comments.
    Maurice Carver Executive Producer/Host – Black Men Screaming

  3. shadmia said

    Maurice, I thought that both segments were excellent. The quality of the video clips were outstanding but even more so the content. Do you have any plans for doing more of this in the future? We need to emphasize cooperation and foster better communication amongst the diversity of peoples called “Americans”. I will pull both segments and create a piece from them. Keep up the good work, good to see some positive thinkers out there!

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