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Dennis Kucinich – No Strings Attached

Posted by shadmia on February 24, 2007


On Wednesday Feb. 21 2007 Carson City, Nevada hosted the first real gathering of the 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidates. The only major name unable to make it was Sen. Barak Obama due to scheduling conflicts. Nevada has become important to the candidates because its primary will be held on Jan. 19 2008, making it the second state, after Iowa and before New Hampshire, to hold primaries.

It was at this conference that Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) made his pitch as “A President with no Strings”. He voted against going to war with Iraq and presented his plan for a withdrawal to include international peacekeeping forces. He touted his pro-labor position and said he would negate the NAFTA treaty. He also talked about a health care plan that would exclude the “for profit” insurance companies which he dubbed “Medicare For All”. Below is a two part video clip of his presentation.

Dennis Kucinich – A President with No Strings Part 1

Dennis Kucinich – A President with No Strings Part 2


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