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Will Hagel Run?

Posted by shadmia on January 29, 2007


Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) sounds more like a Democrat than most Democrats when it comes to the war in Iraq. He has been very vocal and persuasive in his arguments against sending more troops to Iraq:

“I think all 100 Senators aught to be on the line on this. What do you believe? What are you willing to support? What do you think? Why are you elected? If you wanted a safe job…. go sell shoes. This is a tough business. But is it any tougher us having to take a tough vote, express ourselves and have the courage to step up than what we are asking our young men and women to do? I don’t think so. We better be damn sure we know what we are doing, all of us, before we put 22,000 more Americans into that grinder……”

What is so surprising about Chuck Hagel is that on every other issue he is 100% behind President Bush and is one of the more conservative members of the Senate. But on the war in Iraq he could easily be mistaken for a Democrat because of his open opposition to the President. He pleads with the other members of the Senate to stand up and be counted on their position with regards to the President’s plan to send 22,000 more troops to Iraq.

“I don’t know how many United State Senators believe we have a coherent strategy in Iraq. I don’t think we have ever had a coherent strategy in fact I would even challenge the administration today to show us the plan that the President talked about the other night. There isn’t a plan………. I want everyone of you, everyone of us, 100 Senators to look in that camera and you tell your people back home what you think, don’t hide any more….”

Could he be positioning himself to announce his candidacy to run in 2008 for the White House? There is much speculation about his future plans after so vehemently opposing Bush’s war plans. But can he get the Republican nomination after such a determined outspoken rejection of the President’s plans?


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