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Obama in Trouble Already?

Posted by shadmia on January 24, 2007

One would have thought that Barak Obama’s biggest problem in running for President is that he is Black. Not true. He is now accused of being indoctrinated in a radical Muslim school when he was 6 years old. And the Hillary Clinton camp is rumored to be the source. None of which is true.

The magazine Insight wrote this story, the Fox News Channel and the New York Post also picked it up. To their credit Fox News offered an apology of sorts for its report after a CNN investigation found no truth to these allegations:

This is nothing but an early attempt by some to discredit both Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton at the same time! and is just the beginning salvo in what promises to be a very aggressive campaign to cast suspicion and doubt on both Democratic hopefuls.

Barak Obama in the meantime has been taking counsel from Jesse Jackson who mounted two Presidential campaigns in 1984 and 1988 and had some “fond memories” of the experience but also recalled:

“There was an antipathy to my running,” Jackson said. “We received the most threats of any candidate ever…..”

“I had the most sensitivity to the fact that we had to have security at home. The threats are very real,” Jackson said. “Everyplace we went, Secret Service always on edge.”

L. Douglas Wilder who in 1991 became the first Black mayor of Richmand, Virginia also had some advice for Obama:

“I am not naive enough to believe that racism is gone,” Wilder said. “On the other hand, I think the nearest thing to there being a candidate who could cross that is Obama.”
“The burden is on him to say, ‘Look, I am not running as an African-American. I am not running for history’s sake. I am not running for anything other than to be the best possible person to lead this country.’ “

Obama’s aides are reluctant to discuss internal deliberations. But they did say that, of course, racism and security issues were among the factors Obama and his wife considered as they discussed the toll a presidential campaign would have on them and their two young daughters.
Jesse Jackson appears like he has already decided who he would support for the nomination:
While Jackson spoke positively of other Democrats seeking or likely to seek the Democratic nomination, he had praise for Obama:

“All of my heart leans toward Barack,” Jackson said. “He is a next-door neighbor, literally. I think he’s an extension of our struggle to make this a more perfect union.”


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2 Responses to “Obama in Trouble Already?”

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  2. Robert said

    We push away from those that make unsure. I thought I WAS SURE BUT NOW I’M PUSHING AWAY FROM OBAMA. He makes me unsure about him in too many differant ways.

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