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Racism and Gender Bias in Politics

Posted by shadmia on January 22, 2007

Canbarack-obama.jpghillary-clinton.jpg a Black man or a White woman be elected President of the United States? This question although unspoken in many circles is on the minds of many of us. Both Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton have declared their intention to seek the Democratic nomination to run for the Presidency in 2008. The surprising thing is that they are the two top prospects to win the nomination.

So far the Democratic field for President:

The Republican contenders for the Presidency are, so far, all white males and include: Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Chuck Hagel, Bill Owens, George Pataki, Mitt Romney and others.

The President has always been a White Male. Is this tradition in jeopardy? Is America ready for a change? Both women and blacks are still minorities in Congressional politics and are underrepresented especially in the Senate according to the latest available figures. Does all this really matter? Hillary and Barak obviously don’t think so. However this was recently a topic of conversation in the media:

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One Response to “Racism and Gender Bias in Politics”

  1. Ajaz said

    Has the time come for a woman or a black person to be president in the United States? I would have thought so. But I guess the election 2008 will be the real test assuming either Hillary or Barack win the nomination

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