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Iraqi University Attacked

Posted by shadmia on January 17, 2007


On Tuesday, Jan 16 2007, a total of 142 Iraqi civilians were killed. This includes at least 65 students leaving classes at Al-Mustansiriya, a prominent Baghdad University.

“The only guilt of our martyred students is that they pursued education. They belong to all religions, sects and ethnic groups,” said an angry al-Moussawi, himself a Shiite. “The terrorists want to stop education. …Those students had nothing to do with politics.”

Meanwhile the United Nations released a report saying that:

  • 34,452 Iraqi civilians were killed in 2006.
  • 14,534 prisoners were being held in US custody
  • 407,094 people have been forced to leave their homes
  • Many young women were abused and killed by armed militia

President Bush continues to be criticised for his decision to send more troops to Iraq and his interview with CBS was ridiculed by Keith Olbermann again.

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