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Barak Obama for President

Posted by shadmia on December 20, 2006


Barak Obama has had a lot of press coverage lately, most of which has been positive. Wherever he goes he draws large crowds and is a very charismatic speaker. He has helped many Democratic candidates win election. He is a Senator, an Author and possible Presidential Candidate……but will he run? and can he win? Is America ready for a Black President? Here are some video clips that explore the Obama factor.

Barak seems to be enjoying his celebrity status. He knows that many people want him to announce that he is running for President. He had a lot of fun in this clip. It also shows that he definitely has a good mastery of suspense and a keen sense of humor.

He knows how to appeal to the common people and annunciate his values in a way that is very compelling.

Nevertheless Obama, if he runs, faces a very formidable Hilliary Clinton, who is the current front runner.

But he has a lot of Democrats, who are potential candidates, wondering if they have a chance if Obama does decide to run. He has demonstrated his ability to draw huge crowds to his events and his book, The Audicty of Hope, is already a bestseller.

Even when he is campaigning for other candidates he draws a lot of attention to himself.

However there are some negatives that create doubt about a successful candidacy. His name is not a typical American name. In fact it sounds almost Middle Eastern and could be confused with some of America’s mortal enemies. CNN explores this possibility.

CNN also commented on his style of clothing, comparing him to Mahmoud Ahmajinedad of Iran.

Don Imus also took a stab at the race factor.

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show also had something to say. This unique perspective will make you laugh.

So will he run? I guess time will tell.
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