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Michael “Kramer” Richards and Jesse Jackson

Posted by shadmia on November 26, 2006


The Rev. Jesse Jackson announced that Michael “Kramer” Richards will appear on his nationally syndicated radio talk show to discuss his racist rant.

“I asked him, ‘Why do you hate blacks? Have you been robbed or accosted or molested in some way?'” Jackson said. “He said, ‘No, I can’t quite explain it.’ I said, ‘That’s why you need to talk it out.'”

While he called Richards’ words “hateful,” “sick,” and “deep-seated,” Jackson said his inclusion in the radio show airing Sunday would be a chance for a broader discussion about black actors, writers and directors’ “cultural isolation” in the entertainment industry.

“We might turn this minus into a plus,” Jackson said.

Jesse Jackson’s radio show is called Keep Hope Alive and can be heard on a number of affiliated stations nationwide.

Richard’s publicist Howard Rubenstein also announced that the actor/comedian has already begun psychiatric counseling in Los Angeles to learn how to manage his anger and why he made the racist remarks.

“He acknowledged that his statements were harmful and opened a terrible racial wound in our nation,” Rubenstein said. “He pledges never ever to say anything like that again. He’s quite remorseful.”

Stay tuned for more!!

This is the fifth article about Michael Richards. See the four previous articles in chronological order…. Kramer 1 Kramer 2 Kramer 3 Kramer 4

One Response to “Michael “Kramer” Richards and Jesse Jackson”

  1. fightback said

    so sick of this crap the man was tring to do his job, he is only human and we all have a point when we break, so if this man in the audience wants to act like a nigger then he will be called a nigger, your first instinct to fightback is anything obvious and something that will sting i would have done the same thing, only i would have told jesse jackson to stick an apology up his a** that man in the crowd got what he deserved!!

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