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Legal Woes for Kramer??

Posted by shadmia on November 25, 2006

The Michael “Kramer” Richards saga continues. The two so-called hecklers who started him off on his racist tirade have shown up, with their lawyer! Frank McBride and Kyle Doss have hired a lawyer Gloria Allred. They are demanding that Richards meet with them face to face in front of a retired judge…… “acknowledge his behavior and to apologize to them” and allow the judge to decide on monetary compensation.

Richards’ publicist said the comic wasn’t considering any demand for payment. “He’s not dealing with that,” Howard Rubenstein said. “He wants to apologize to them directly and then see what happens.”

McBride and Doss went on the “Today” show with their lawyer to explain what happened. See video clip below:

This looks like Michael Richards is going to be sued. The story is not over.


This is the fourth article about Michael Richards. See the three previous articles in chronological order…. Kramer 1 Kramer 2 Kramer 3

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