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Michael “Kramer” Richards Hires Publicist

Posted by shadmia on November 23, 2006

Aftermichael-richards.jpg howard-rubenstein.jpgan unconvincing apology on the Tonight Show Michael Richards hired himself a New York publicist Howard Rubenstein. Rubenstein’s firm specializes in crisis management and is apparently a well respected firm with many influential clients. Calls were set up with the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton (who was unavailable for comment).

Jesse Jackson had the following comments after talking with Richards.

“He’s embarrassedjesse-jackson.jpg. He got caught on tape. That’s a big part of his anxiety now,” said Jackson.

“Clearly he needs some race sensibility training, and some psychiatric help. His anger is volatile and dangerous to himself and others,” Jackson said. “I hope he gets the help he needs. But the culture that’s producing this kind of animosity toward blacks must be addressed. … We’re increasingly facing cultural isolation in Hollywood, in the movies and in TV.”

Howard Rubenstein summed up the discussion as follows:

“Michael apologized profusely,” Rubenstein said. “He wants to heal the tremendous wound that he’s inflicted on the American public, and on the African-American community. … I think it was a positive discussion.”

I think Jesse Jackson got it right when he said: “He’s embarrassed. He got caught on tape. That’s a big part of his anxiety now”

If it wasn’t for that “tape” I don’t think Michael Richards would be in so much trouble. It is the irrefutable evidence of not just WHAT he said but HOW he said it; with such conviction that he felt it necessary to repeat the word “nigger” multiple times, just to be certain that he was not misunderstood. He even asked the crowd (in some vain attempt at gaining their sympathy): They’re going to arrest me for calling a black man a nigger?”

This was more than just throwing the word nigger around. He obviously had harbored some very negative and racist ideas about Black people. At the very beginning of his bigoted, racially-motivated diatribe he said: “Shut up! Fifty years ago we’d have you upside down with a fucking fork up your ass”. That sort of talk is not a spur of the moment thought. That kind of imagery indicates some deeply rooted ideas about how Black people should be treated. Richards ended by saying: “That’s what happens when you interrupt the white man don’t you know?……. You see? You see, there’s still those words, those words, those words”

Michael Richards has a lot of apologizing to do. This incident is not going to go away with the passage of time, and unless he wants to be forever remembered for uttering Those Words, he has to demonstrate to the world that he is in fact not a Racist.

This is the third article about Michael Richards. See the two previous articles in chronological order…. Kramer 1 Kramer 2

11 Responses to “Michael “Kramer” Richards Hires Publicist”

  1. I am appalled and very offended by Micheal Richards comments.
    I too believe that Richards racial slurs were the results of some deep-seated hatred of black people which is probably
    derived from Richards own insecurities. He most certainly
    needs psychiatric help to resolve his personal issues. As
    bad as this situation is some good can be gained from it.
    It is high time that we as American start some dialogue on
    Ethnic Diversity and sensitivity training to help us learn
    how to get along with each other in a more civilized way.
    We are living in the 21st century this is fifty years later,
    not fifty years ago, we do not want to digress. It is our
    responsibility to try and make the world a better place for
    ourselves and our children.

  2. Jaon said

    Takes a NIGGER not to accept an apology…

  3. Jaon said

    and all of you need to stop crying racial bullshit… america has made it easier for blacks then any other race… and you are the racists with you bet miss black america naacp… you seperate yourselves… a recent 250 dollar white scholarship just got national media coverage as insensitive… what a dounle standard… grow up… if whites do what you do we are called racist, but you have no problem when the racism benefits you affrimitive action babies…. grow up.. none of you were ever slaves, and none of us ever owned slaves… take resposibility for your own short comings. And for the record one statement to one black man for acting like a nigger does not make a racist he said “HE” is a nigger, not Blacks Are Niggers… everyone of you has used racial slurs against whites, but thats ok, it’s funny, chris rock mencia, chapelle can all point out the CRACKERS in the crowd cause it’s comedy, Does this mean it’s ok for jeff foxworthy to come out and point out all the niggers in the crowd? Didn’t think so, but it’s comedy what’s wrong with that?

  4. shadmia said

    Jaon, I thank you for your view point. I don’t however agree that Richards was trying to be funny or it was a part of his “act”. He meant to insult those people and the way he chose to do so was by using language meant to convey hatred towards them because they were Black. I am not hung up on the word NIGGER or CRACKER for that matter, it is how it is used. There was no comedic intent, only hatred and that is the real difference.

  5. Jaon said

    I agree 100%, but the fact still remain, there is no word or point or use of anyword that refers to a black persons race that is acceptable… any comic calling a black person coon, blacky, midnight, etc… is booed and called a racist unless he is black himself… And I also agree, there was no humor implied, he was pissed off, and that still does not make him a racist… any black person that says they never got pissed off at a white person and called them a cracker or white boy or whatever is a liar, but we never label you racist for it… he had an issue with one guy, I am sorry, but within 10 seconds of meeting me, every black person I have ever met, (of my own aget group 28 and under) will through WHITE BOY in the convo at me for no reason, and white people never react to it.. white people don’t seem to realize it a black persons suttle way of calling us NIGGERS and getting away with it. It will no longer be tolerated… any word or phrase in respect to my color or race I will from here on out take it as being called a nigger and an insult… It’s time whites play by the same rules with the grants and scholarships as well as stupid words, to show blacks how much they are the ones that make race an issue… and again, this will get me labeled racist, and I am as far from racist as anyone can get beilieve that, but I am tired of being called racist whenever a white person uses a single word or try’s to help people of his/her own race, yet black people see no harm in racism when it’s in their favor. I will use the word nigger from now on in response to any racoal acknowledgement, just to make a point… if you can call me whity, I can call you nigger… Nigger is a racial word, not a SLAVE WORD like it was back then… the word today when said does not imply the same disrespect as it did back then and never can again being none of us have ever known such situations. black people need to get over it, and I am gonna do my part… Tilll next time, farewell crackers, niggers, gooks, kikes, wops, and spics alike, peace be with you.

  6. Jaon said

    So tell me a single instance a white man can say nigger without being called racist… Jeff foxworthy could never say the word nigger, blacky, midnight coon, porch monkey or anything else by a white person wether it’s a joke or not and not be called racist.. it’s a double standard in all aspects and it can no longer be tolerated…. If blacks don’t want to hear the word nigger from whites they need to stop using the word itself and stop refering to whites in any racial cotext… fair is fair

  7. shadmia said

    Jaon, I agree with you that prejudice works both ways but it not so much in the words you use, but how you use them to get a desired action. If somebody calls you a white boy then maybe it is just a way to distinguish you, and how better than by your color.

    Just calling someone a white boy or a nigger, is not in itself racist. It is the intent behind the words and the context in which they were said that makes the difference. I find that older people (Black and White)tend to be afraid to use the word nigger in any context while young people are not reticent to use it in any context (good or bad). Maybe just maybe we are hung up on words and forget that actions speak so much louder.

  8. Jaon said

    agreed… but I still dont believe that the word nigger or any other word besides black, can be used by any white person in any context without him being called a racist, as in my example of jeff foxworthy doing what chappelle and chris rock do, he’d be on the news next… I will agree though that younger crowds are more accepting of words although a white kid can still only call a black kid a nigger if it is his friend as then they know it isn’t met as an insult.. a white person using the word with any one other then his friend is immediately seen a a racist and not only that, but it’s by all the blacks around, not just the one that he was speaking too.. I have seen many fights between a black person and a white person the black person saying all he wants about the craker, and no one gets involved, but the secong the white guy goes back at him and calls him a nigger, it instantly turns into a group of black people beating up the white guy when they were not even involved in the fight to begin with.

  9. shadmia said

    Jaon, What you say may very well be true. There is racism on both sides and it is easier for a black man to get away with it than a white man. I personally think that this is so because in the past, blacks have suffered more than whites. The example you gave tells me that in this case anyway, the Blacks were more willing to get involved and may even have been looking for a reason beat up on the white guy. Blacks tend to be more aggresive in fighting racism than whites because they have more to loose.

    When you think about, fighting over one’s skin color is absolutely absurd. “You don’t like me because of my color!” Did I do anything to hurt you? Do you even know who I am? How do you know you don’t like me if you don’t even know me?? At least get to know me BEFORE you form an opinion about me! This works both ways white on black and black on white.

    Bob Marley, a Reggae singer, once said in a song:

    Until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes…..there’ll be always war.

    When we can get past the physical appearance of someone and stop judging people without knowing them, maybe we can get over this stupid idea of racism.

    From reading all your comments Jaon, I get the impression that you are not a racist but you do feel that racism only works in favor of blacks. Do not judge black people too harshly because until you have felt the full brunt of racism, it is hard to see what the other side has to go through. It is more than just blacks ganging up against whites or visa versa. It goes to the very foundation of this society.

    America is what it is today because of slavery. The economy was built and prospered on the backs of a people who were denied the fruits of their labor. Today there are much more opportunities for blacks but the economic and political power is still solidly in the hands of the white man. Perhaps one day everyone will have the same opportunities but right now I don’t think that is the case. When we stop making race an issue, we will begin to see that we are all human beings and we all deserve a chance at making the best we can out of our lives.

  10. Jaon said

    i will disagree on the fact that more oppurtunity is giving to whites as a white man I know personally that we are offered the least benefits in anysituation than anyother race in the country… if we do not go out and work for it or fight for it, we don’t get it… there are no helping hands for us… and I too agree, that I am sick of hearing white people, black people, chinese people, hispanic people….etc…. when will we just call each other people who happen to be black, white, hispanic, chinese..etc… and realize we a re people first, not our color first… it is quite easy for me to look at anybody and see if they are black or white, but it is not so easy to look at someone and see what kind of person they are… instead of introducing yourself as a black or white person, why not introduce yourself as a kind person, a skidish person, a greedy person, a helpful person…. try describing oneself to others in a way that tells them something about you that they may not already know… your skin is apparent.

  11. willy nelly said

    What Michael Richards said is no worse than what Al Sharpton,Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakan have said on numerous occasions,the only difference is those statements came from blacks and as we all know they are apparently not capable of racism, for no other reason than they are black.The liberal media never seems to report racism when it comes from blacks,nor do them demand an apology or that the person step down immediately ie Don Imus.I,m so tired of this discrimination in reverse.All this coming from a Native American.

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