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Michael “Kramer” Richards Apologizes

Posted by shadmia on November 22, 2006


Michael Richards went on David Letterman‘s “Late Show” to apologize for his racist remarks directed towards some Black men who were heckling him during his comedy routine at the Laugh Factory, a popular Los Angeles night club. Jerry Seinfeld was scheduled to appear that night on Letterman and he used his influence with the show’s producers and Letterman himself, to get Michael Richards on the show to offer an apology.

In my opinion he did not come off as being very sincere and had a hard time articulating anything. He rambled on about various things including “Katrina” and his “rage” but sounded not only hesitant, but at times incoherent.

Watch his apology below:

The Today show captured the reactions of Civil Rights leaders, the Club owners and others while speculating on Richards’ future.

ABC got feedback from other comedians like Paul Rodriquez and CNN did an in depth interview with the comedian Sinbad questioning the appropriateness of apologizing on Letterman and not directly to the people he insulted.


This is the second article about Michael Richards. See the previous article Kramer 1

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