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Posted by shadmia on November 19, 2006


After losing the battle for the hearts and minds of the American public in the Nov. elections, President George W Bush’s strategy both at home and abroad needs some reassessment.

His first response to the new Democratic majority in both houses of Congress was to fire Donald Rumsfeld and then invite Nancy Pelosi (the new House Majority Leader) to have breakfast with him. us-flag.jpgThese were two very good first steps. They were, of course, born of political expediency. Rumsfeld, although following the wishes of Bush, was very unpopular for the way in which he has conducted the war in Iraq. He was dismissed the morning after the election results. This seems to be an admission on the President’s part that some things have to change. In the case of Nancy Pelosi, to invite her to have breakfast with him seems an acknowledgement that he will have to make deals with the Democrats for the rest of his presidency. He will no longer have the implied backing of Congress as was the case when the Republicans had control. Bush seems to realize that business as usual, or the way he had become accustomed to conducting it, is a thing of the past. He will now be held in check by a Congress which will no longer be a rubber stamp for his policies and there will be some friction in the two years he has left in office.

The most pressing foreign policy problem facing Bush is the Iraq situation. iraq.gifHe is still waiting on the recommendations of the Baker Report, which should be due before the end of the year. It is clear that there needs to be a course correction because those Iraqis don’t seem to be listening very well to the plans he has for their country. Maybe, just maybe, democracy Bush style, is not what is best for them.

To make matters worse the Iraniansiran.gif, the North Koreanssyria.gif and the Syrians ( the Axis of Evil) don’t seem to be listening very well either to the Leader of the Free World. They all seem to have ideas of their own which definitely don’t coincide with Bush’s view of how things should be. This world can be a very unruly place to try to control. Maybe, just maybe, he should try to talk with them instead of trying to dictate to them.

Could the Iranians and the Syrians be helpful in controlling the situation in Iraq? Could the North Koreansnorth_korea.gif use a little financial help from the US? Can we make a deal or will more bullying work? It is time to realize that military might is not enough to solve all the problems in the world. Maybe, just maybe, the new Democratically controlled Congress will help President Bush to explore new avenues in dealing with the problems of the world.

Maybe, just maybe, Bush needs not only a course correction but also an attitude correction in dealing with the other inhabitants of this planet. Hopefully the next two years will see some changes for the better, not only at home but also worldwide.



Maps courtesy of used with permission.

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