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Hot Sex for Christians!?

Posted by shadmia on November 14, 2006


Want to see an example of an Oxymoron? Put Christianity and Hot Sex in the same sentence that doesn’t involve some kind of scandal. The two concepts seem to be as far apart as good and evil…..until now!

I came across an article entitled, “One preacher’s message: Have hotter sex”


The preacher in this case is one Joe Beam . He offers advice to Married Christian Couples on all aspects of sexual relations. With references to bible verses in his seminars, he uses very graphic language to describe how to better please you spouse.

“Sex is a sacred subject,” he says. “The Church generally prefers not to talk about it. But that has a dual impact. It keeps it shrouded in ignorance and the implication is that since you are not talking about it, it’s bad.”

“Why can women be multiorgasmic and men not? Well, I’ve decided God just likes you better! … What’s the difference between a woman with PMS and a Doberman? Lipstick.”

What can you do if your wife is having trouble reaching orgasm? “Try having sex doggy-style and simultaneously masturbating.”


Joe Beam is the founder and president of an organization called Family Dynamics : “We help churches and organizations take proactive steps to prevent marriages from reaching a state of distress and to revive those that are already in distress.”

He is a proponent of elevating sex from the forbidden zone in Christian life and openly discussing ways that couples can fully enjoy the act and not feel guilty about crossing any imaginary taboo lines. His philosophy:

Sex is good. Good sex makes people happy. It deepens relationships. So it helps marriages last and that pleases God and makes society better.


He has no inhibitions against:

  • Masturbation
  • Any position in the Kama Sutra
  • Phone sex (with your spouse)
  • Anal sex
  • Birth Control

There are however some rules:

  • You have to be married
  • You have to be heterosexual
  • No sex with animals, no incest, no adultery, no porn etc
  • No sex during menstruation

Here is a short clip of one of his seminars.

The following are some of the reactions from attendees of one of this seminars:

“What is new for me is not that kind of talk,” Wadstrom says. The church has had some sexual conversations before, but always in classes segregated by gender. “What was new is having men and women together in the same room,” she says. “That was very helpful because everybody knows what’s being said to the others.”

“I was raised to think sex was bad,” 23-year-old Kym Blackburn recalls of her religious upbringing. She forced her husband, Matt, a U.S. Navy enlisted man, to attend, but now he is glad he did. He is awaiting a second deployment to Iraq, and thinks their marriage will grow stronger in the weeks before he leaves.

Jose and Marta Ochoa echo that sentiment. “My whole life I thought certain things were wrong, or not Christian,” Marta, 47, tells me as her husband, Jose, 52, nods vigorously in the background.

He’d spent years asking her for more variation but now, finally, “she understands we can share all this freely and it’s not a sin like she thought. It is gonna happen more!”

That, Marta tells me, makes her very happy.

Then they excuse themselves. They’re in a rush to get home.

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    I Really Love Reading Your Blog. Excellent. Keep up the great work!

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