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Election 2006 Highlights

Posted by shadmia on November 10, 2006

The Democrats have taken back control of the Congress after 12 years of Republican rule:

House: Dems 230 Rep 196

Senate: Dems 49 (+ 2 independents) Rep 49

For easy to follow state by state results check this out

George Allen, the House Republican candidate from Virginia, who made the famous “Macaca” remark lost to Jim Webb.

Claire McCaskill for whom Michael J Fox made the Stem Cell research Ad, criticized by Rush Limbaugh, also defeated her Republican opponent Jim Talent.

Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, was forced to resign in what appears to be President Bush’s peace offering to the Democrats. Below is a video clip of his resignation speech.

🙂 And now for a little fun at the expense of the ex-warlord 🙂

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