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Ted Haggard Update

Posted by shadmia on November 6, 2006


Ted Haggard confessed that he was a “deceiver and a liar” who had given in to his dark side. Read this article. A number of things occurred since he was exposed by a male prostitute:

  • Resigned as president of the NEA
  • Stepped down from the church he founded
  • Admitted some of the accusations against him were true in a letter to his congregation
  • His wife will remain with him

It is unclear whether any police investigations will follow because of the drugs issue but the Overseer Board which was investigating this matter issued the following statement:

“Our investigation and Pastor Haggard’s public statements have proven without a doubt that he has committed sexually immoral conduct,”

The letter of confession written by Ted Haggard was read from the pulpit of his church by another Reverent and was received sympathetically by the congregation:

“He’s reaching out and asking for forgiveness” said Ryan Price, a member of the church. Even his accuser Mike Jones said:

“I am sad for him and his family. I know this is a tough day for him also,” he said in a telephone interview Sunday. “I wish him well. I wish his family well. My intent was never to destroy his family. My intent was to expose a hypocrite.”

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