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Sex, Sex, Sex

Posted by shadmia on November 1, 2006


I came across three sex-related articles that seem to contradict common beliefs or at the very least make you go:





1. Woman Can’t Say No After Sex Starts

An appellate court said Maryland’s rape law is clear — no doesn’t mean no when it follows a yes and intercourse has begun.


sex-kittens.jpg sexy-couple.jpgsexy-coiuple-2.jpg

2. Internet Porn prevents Rape

Apparently since Porn is so easily available on the Web, it tends to reduce the incidence of rape by measurable levels:

10% increase in Net access = 7.3% decrease in Reported Rape



3. Busting some Sexual Behavior Myths

  • People aren’t having sex at younger ages
  • Married people have the most sex
  • No firm link between promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases


Just when you think youv’e seen it all, something new pops up!

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