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World Religions – Rastafarianism

Posted by shadmia on October 25, 2006

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The singer Bob Marley will be forever identified with Reggae music and his religion Rastafarianism. He was the best known Rastaman in the world. Rastafarians have a very distinctive hair style called Dreads or Locks and look to Haile Salassie(born Tafari Makonnen) as their leader.

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The Life of Haile Salassie

Tafari Makonnen was born on the 16th Hamle 1884 by the Ethiopian Calendar which corresponds to July 23rd 1892. He was the only one of ten siblings to survive childhood. His mother died before his second birthday and he was raised by his father’s cousin. At the age of thirteen he was given his first region to rule. He married at age 19 and had six children. After a series of governorships in various regions, he was crowned Emperor Haile Salassie(meaning Power of the Trinity) I, on Nov. 2nd 1930.


Mussolini invaded Ethiopia in 1935. Haile Salassie went into exile in 1936. In 1941 he returned and with the help of British troops defeated the Italians. He ruled Ethiopia until 1974 when he was overthrown in an army coup. He died in Addis Ababa on Aug. 27th 1975.



Birth of Rastafarianism

The Rastafari Movement began in Jamaica in the early 1930’s amongst poor and working class black people. Some of the titles attributed to Haile Salassie such as:

  • King of Kings
  • Conquering Lion of Judah
  • Lord of Lords
  • Elect of God
  • Power of the Trinity

insinuated a an association with religious connotations. His status as the only Ruler of an Independent Black Country caught the attention of many. However other factors such as the ritual use of marijuana and the emergence of Afro-centric philosophers like Marcus Garvey gave rise to the popularity of Rastafarianism.

Rastafarian Beliefs

pipe.jpeg marijuana.jpg chalice.jpg

What Rastas believe vary a great deal. However there are some things that all Rastas have in common:

  1. The Divinity of Haile Salassie. Salassie claims to trace his ancestry back to King Solomon of Israel and Rastas look upon him as Jah (Jehovah) or God. Selassie himself neither affirmed nor denied this claim.
  2. The use of Marijuana (or ganja) as a religious sacrament. They believe that its use aids in meditation and wisdom.
  3. Special (Ital) Diet that excludes the use of all meat(especially pork). They avoid predatory and scavenger species of marine life. Salt and many household spices are also not used.
  4. The Growing of Dreadlocks. They do not believe that hair should be cut or combed.
  5. Ethiopia is the Paradise and the Homeland to which all the faithful will return someday.


From its humble beginnings in Jamaica, Rastafarianism has grown to include many of all nationalities and races. Some have migrated to Ethiopia as told in this interview.

The most powerful expression of Rastafarainism can be seen in Reggae Music. It is music that often criticizes the economic and political structure of the world today as being corrupt and oppressive to minorities, and strives to promote a more just society. The following song by Bob Marley articulates this frustration with the world but holds out hope for the future:

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds” – Bob Marley



Sources used for this article include: Beliefs, Practices and Sacraments of Rastafari The State visit of Haile Salassie I The Rastafari Movement Rasta-ites Rastafarianism

6 Responses to “World Religions – Rastafarianism”

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  2. Domdak Dushu said

    rastafarianism is still respected because it preaches human liberation from mental slavery.

  3. dreads said



  4. Ras Tamaro said

    Building a Pyramid

    Step One – A Good Foundation – All in our history we have acquired a great deal of knowledge and been able to use it to our advantage for both survival and advancement. At the same time, we have also faced many great oppression and obstacles. When we look at the original pyramids and the great libraries of Egypt, we see how they have been attacked, ravaged, and robbed by the jealous barbarians like Napoleon and other Europeans.

    As those pyramids of afore were attacked, what would lead us to believe that they would allow us to build a pyramid. Therefore we have to eliminate those that are constantly trying to hold us back. How do we do it? We have to be aware of the methods that they use to eliminate us. We have to be aware of their manmade sickness and disease. We have to be aware of how they molest our children with microwaves and microchips. Then we must eliminate them with their own technologies. We will use the microchips in their brain that they use to spy on us to destroy themselves.

    The Babylon system uses Doppler radar wavelengths to cause internal damage to our hearing. This damage, usually in one ear, causes us to lose our internal balance and reduces the ability for the body to properly circulate blood and fluids. The body uses an internal rhythm of your breathing to maintain pressures and fluid levels. Your hearing could affect the breathing within your nostrils and cause your body to lose this internal balance and eventually adjust the location of various instruments within your body.

    The Babylon system uses the same system to molest your eyesight. They use telephone signals to emit dangerous radio waves to your head that dry out your bodily fluids. This dries your eyes, which causes less frequent blinking and causes blurry vision. The blurry vision allows them to tap your brain for radio waves and read your thoughts. They use the term terrorist to classify all people of color. But they themselves are the true terrorists using their wars and weapons.
    Step Two – The Building Blocks – The building blocks for the pyramids are the natural elements of the earth. So much destruction has been done to the earth. We have depleted the ozone layer, added all these carcinogens in the air, and ingest destructive substances in our body.

    We must be careful of what we eat. Babylon uses every opportunity they can to poison us with material that they can use to track us and destroy our bodies. Be careful of any food that you don’t cook yourself. Excess salt is extremely bad for us. It also creates a target for Babylon to use their geospatial intelligence software to emit electromagnetic wavelengths at your liver, causing gases to rise to your brain. They also shoot these wavelengths at your stomach, heart, and brain once enough salt has entered your system for which to track.

    Be careful of what you read and see on the television. Babylon doesn’t want you to learn about your magnificent past or your glorious future. They are struggling night and day to pollute your minds with images that cause self hatred and self destruction.

    Be wary of Babylon. The Babylon system no longer works for the good of the people. Instead they are trying to destroy the people. It is our duty to abolish this system in order to preserve the lives of future generations.

    Step Three – Energy – Black people have so much energy within their minds and bodies. They can create video screens out of their minds and transmit information back and forth to one another when they so choose. It is a sixth sense that uses a development in radar sense in the bone at the top of the nose. Babylon does everything in their power to control their vision including working with the police to shoot radar waves at us when we work, travel, or drive to warm that section of the brain that is working the hardest. This section of our vision and our brain is where we get our creative energy. It is most especially developed in black women. At the very top of our brain is a section which gives us the ability to create in the world around us. It is our radar vision and when we have full vision we can see both outside and within ourselves. We can actually see and create in this section but from we are young, Babylon tries to destroy this section of our brain and reduce our ability to use this section.

    Now, Babylon is trying to use this section as a way to track us by having us subliminal report our location by using a Morse code system that they keep in the military and police force. It uses a huge algorithm that shoots sounds in response that alert those around us that our vision is still available. They use their radar system to disable ours. Thus as we come in contact with one another we disable each other’s vision to that region of the brain. When we use that region, we actually transmit what we see to others and their reaction is to see what we see or what we tell them to see.

    They put images in the top right hand corner of our vision to control our thoughts. If you look in the top corner of your vision you can feel this area being cleared. They also try to control us using our perception of time and space to limit our thoughts to certain areas. But when we expand our vision beyond space and time we can see in to other areas, we can even see into the future. The good sensimillia allows us to increase our focus of a million senses. That is why Babylon does not want to have it. But it comes from the earth. Therefore, it is natural and there is no natural reason to restrict its use or its health benefits. But Babylon does not want us to use any medicine that comes from the earth.

    Our electrical balance is maintained in our abdomen. This energy we can use to create and communicate as well. But we have to do our best to maintain our electrical balance in our abdomen. When our electrical balance is raised to our chest or our head it disrupts our thinking process and bodily functions. When it is lowered to our abdomen it allows more oxygen to flow to our brain and we think more constructively. Babylon tries to restrict our breathing from we are young to destroy our creative powers.

    It is these creative powers that allow us to build the world around us and expose the secrets of our great and historic past. Once we burn out and dust out Babylon, pyramids will come easy. Babylon knows about the power of the black gods and goddesses. That is why they work so hard to close our eye. But it is our time now. That is why we open up our eyes and our truly blessed.

  5. Dushu Domdak Peter said

    Reggae is the key to good living because it preaches righteousness, peace and unity among many good things that touches human social life

  6. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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