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Split up Iraq !

Posted by shadmia on September 19, 2006

I am of the opinion that we (the USA) should not have gotten involved with Iraq in the first place……but now that we are there; what is the best way to proceed so that our troops can come home? Why not spilt up the country into its three main ethnic religious divisions (the Kurds, the Shiites and the Sunnis). From all indications these groups have never gotten along with each other and each would probably be happier in their own “space”. Is Iraq truly a country or just groups of peoples living together in a designated area of the middle east call “Iraq”? In the good old days of the British Empire, the British in their wisdom, carved out artificial nation states all over their territories (Africa, Middle East, Asia). Many times this was done without regard to the wishes of the indigenous population who lived there. This was the case in Iraq. And ever since gaining independence this has been a major source of contention between the peoples who have been forced to live together. No one doubts that if the US were to leave Iraq tomorrow there would be civil war, because for whatever reason these peoples cannot or will not live together in peace. They don’t see themselves as Iraqis. They are Kurd. They are Sunni. They are Shiite! So why should the have to live together under one nation? Would it be so bad if each group had its own nation? I know “OIL” comes into the picture somehow, and who controls which parts of Iraq, but I am sure that a formula could be worked out to share oil revenues, if necessary. This would give the various groups their own sovereignty and dignity and peace of mind. Iraq is the result of irrational British imperialism and should be done away with. Give the people who live in the region a chance to build their own nations based on what make sense to THEM not US.

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